How much for the death? (9 photos + text)


Lethal Dose - 94 cigarettes at a time.

It is independent of nicotine and are resistant to poison the rats usually die on the dose rate of 50 mg of nicotine per kilogram of flesh. According to human studies, for you this figure is much lower, ranging from 0, 5 to 1 mg per kilogram of body weight. Consequently, strong 75-pound man uniquely bevel 75 mg of nicotine. If we consider that in each cigarette classic "Java" is contained 0, 8 mg, the lethal dose - 94 cigarettes. Polbloka at a time - and you end.


A lethal dose - 3 bottles of vodka in one.

Ppm - is a thousandth share anything, not necessarily alcohol. As for the latter, then "1 ppm of alcohol in blood" means that every liter of human blood containing 1 ml of pure alcohol. Pure alcohol - it's not vodka without zapivki, but something contemplative, even stronger than alcohol. Thus, 0, 5 liters vodka - about 200 ml of pure alcohol. Drunk healthy 75-pound guy, These half-liter will turn around in 2, 5 ppm, which qualifies as serious intoxication. Lethal concentration of alcohol in the blood is considered to be 6.5 ppm, ie, 400-450 ml of pure alcohol drunk. This 1-1, 25 L of vodka (provided that the drinker is not vomit). Drink three bottles at once - and you will definitely end.


Lethal dose - 5000 tablets per day.

Vitamins can also be killed. There is even such a thing - hypervitaminosis. For example, the effects of an overdose of vitamin A include headache, dizziness, nausea, rapid pulse, unconsciousness and convulsions. Vitamin B1: dysfunction liver and kidney. Vitamin B12: increased heart rate, increased blood clotting. Vitamin D2: weakness, thirst, vomiting, fever, increased blood pressure, difficulty breathing, slow pulse. Vitamin E: violation metabolism, thrombosis, necrotizing colitis, renal failure, bleeding in the retina, a hemorrhagic stroke.

To be sure, must be taken, of course, multivitamin complexes. To obtain a lethal dose, for example, vitamins A and D, will have to take up to 5,000 tablets. And for a short time, so that the body does not have time to get them in the urine. Will manage to overtake the kidneys - and you end.


A lethal dose - 8:00 the heat.

One cloudless day in July, held in the Egyptian sun without protection, would be for you, white man, the last. A man takes 2 to 8 hours to get a serious heat stroke. First, weakness, headache, dizziness, tinnitus, then - the temperature rise to 40-42 degrees, nausea, increased heart rate and breathing, delirium, decreased blood pressure, loss of consciousness ... The main thing is when you will feel unwell, do not go into the cool and shadow - and you end.


A lethal dose - 250 grams in one sitting.

Checked again in the rat: 3 g of salt per kilogram of body weight are incompatible with life, that is a quarter of the usual pound pack guarantees you a fatal outcome. Another thing is how these 250 g to eat? If it works, then the body would not survive the next. Due to the overabundance of salt in the blood rise sharply blood pressure (which in itself is dangerous), and it will be accompanied by severe edema (1 g of chloride sodium leads to a delay in the body 100 ml of liquid). Likely to happen swelling of the brain and lungs - and as a result, as you already know, you end.


A lethal dose - 150 espresso in one gulp.

If you trust in the same rats, the lethal dose of caffeine - 192 milligrams per kilogram of rat. For a man this figure, depending on its weight and individual responsiveness to caffeine ranges from 150 to 200 mg. So, if you weigh 75 kg, then you definitely deadly 15 g of caffeine. In a good espresso, which in his native Italy more like a breath of adrenaline, a standard "shot" (30 ml) account no less than 100 mg of caffeine. Order 150 cups (just 4, 5 liters) - and you end.


A lethal dose - 8-10 liters per day.

They say every 1,000 eaten calories you need to drink a liter of water. The average daily diet of urban residents - 2000-2500 kcal. About a liter of fluid a person gets from food. In the wet residue - 1, 5-2 liters of water daily rate of a healthy person. Iterate 3-4 times can lead to so-called water intoxication, intoxication or aqueous - violation of water and salt exchange in the body. Your kidneys just do not have time to withdraw from the body all drunk, the salt concentration drops, and the water begins to fill the intracellular environment. The result - swelling of the brain, lungs and ... what have you got there yet? In certain cases, the medicine poisoning water with lethal people in less than a day drink at least 7 liters. Alone drained cooler during the working day - and you end.

In January 2007, the radio station KDND California town of Sacramento in the morning show was played console Nintendo Wii. The contest called Hold Your Wee for a Wii (something like "Do not mochis - unlike"), and in the studio, participants had to drink the most water without the ability to "go." 28-year-old Jennifer Strange, a mother of three children, was one of the finalists, but did not win a prize. Later in the day, she complained of a severe headache, and even had to take time off from work. The next morning she was found dead - was pronounced dead as a result of water intoxication. During the radio show Jennifer drank about 7, 5 liters of water.


A lethal dose - more than 0, 1 Amp.

Uncompromising version - Electric chair, which can still be found in at least six US states. Voltage - from 1700 to 2400 volts, current - up to 6 amps (life-threatening - 0, 1 amp), two discharge duration from 20 seconds to a minute each. If everything goes according to the rules, condemned unconscious by 1/240 of a second and almost immediately dies.

Domestic electricity is dangerous too. These scenes from the movies, where the unlucky character gets killed by throwing him included in the bath hair dryer, - the truth. But there are a number of factors that need to come together at the point of contact with your bare wire to you killed. Theoretically, having a wet hand long nail, and thrust it into the regular outlet with a voltage of 220 volts, you will receive a discharge current strength to 0, 1-0, 2 amp (a maximum current at which the person is still able to detach yourself from the contact arm, - 0, 01 amperes). After 1-3 seconds to happen respiratory paralysis, the failure of the heart - and you end.

American Michael Anderson Goodwin spent several years in prison, South Carolina, awaiting execution of the death penalty for premeditated murder. The execution in the electric chair was to be held in late 1989. However, in March of this year, the court commuted to life imprisonment. Shortly thereafter, Goodwin, sitting in his cell on a metal toilet, undertook to repair the socket included in television and touching a live wire, he led the original the sentence.


A lethal dose - 500 000 bites.

The female mosquito, which weighs an average of 2, 6 mg, can suck you blood twice its weight, or about 5 mg, or 0, 005 ml. Blood - it is about 7% of the total body weight, 5-5, 5 liters in the average guy. The Man Without Harm for themselves can lose up to 15% of the blood, but a one-time loss of 2-2, 5 l is already considered lethal. Thus, if within a short walk by summer forest you will allow yourself half a million mosquito bite females then you will definitely end.


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