Nodar Kumaritashvilli

The first day of the Vancouver Olympics marred by the death of one of the athletes. Georgian luger Nodar Kumaritashvili died during a training session on the track in Whistler. 21-year-old athlete lost control over his sled, went off the road at a speed of 145 km / h and crashed into a concrete pillar ... ((

The tragedy happened with the Georgians on the 16th, the final turn, notorious for its speed. Immediately after the incident exercise was stopped

Kumaritashvili from strong blow knocked unconscious. Athlete had to urgently do a direct cardiac massage and artificial respiration, after which it was loaded onto a helicopter ambulance arrived and sent to the hospital. The whole head was covered in blood luger.

Unfortunately, even emergency intervention doctors could not save the life of Kumaritashvili. "All our thoughts are - with family, friends and colleagues of the deceased athlete - said IOC President Jacques Rogge, a few hours before the official opening ceremony of the 2010 Olympics. - The whole Olympic family is shocked by this tragedy that overshadowed the first day of the Games ยป.

In the Olympic season Kumaritashvili participated in five World Cups, in the overall standings, he held 44 th place.

Track in Whistler is the fastest and one of the most dangerous in the world. The case of Kumaritashvili is not the first time during training sessions. Earlier, one of the main contenders for gold in the luge, Italian Armin Tsogeller failed to finish in the fifth training session, taking off from the road, but not seriously hurt. In addition, among several similar incidents were recorded during exercise female sanochnitsa. In particular, the Romanian Violeta Shtramaturaru after the accident, lost consciousness, but a few minutes later came to her senses, and then taken to the hospital.



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