Luxury suites in the movies

Probably the series "Magnificent Century" watched everything. And if you were not looking, you probably heard. And his mass popularity is shown by numerous online shops that sell jewelry "like Hjurrem." But do not forget that in every era have gorgeous clothes and rich accessories. Here are some of them and we'll talk. We have chosen three films and costumes that most reliably indicate the style of the era, where every detail thought out, and the clothes do not look decorative and sewn with high quality and really expensive and stylish.

Let's start with no less passionate and bright show than "BB" from the movie of the heirs of the Borgias. Moreover, the show is worth seeing Hungarian rather than French. Directed by Neil Jordan. Italian little family, which now and then flashed a bloody drama occurred passionate erotic adventures, manifested alcove secrets bared essence and spirit of the insidious era. Dresses ... Oh, see for yourself! This is the same luxury that anywhere else and will never happen again.

And mind you. Equally expensive and richly dressed women and men.

Lush fabrics - silk, satin, velvet, brocade, East cloth, rich and delicate lace trim, lots of tiny details of embroidery and decorations on top of clothing. Buttons. Unusual hats, similar to the crown. Apparel quite modern, it should be noted. Something we can take on a note, moreover, that the fashion 2013-2014 demanding for gloss and actually allows you to wear royal robes.

The second film, which is worth attention - this is Alexander. Do you want to hold a wedding in the Greek style? It offers scenery of the ancient empire. Despite the fact that Macedonia was the territory of modern Yugoslavia, the appearance of the great figures of the time are not particularly varied. Anyway togas and tunics with solid-cast metal decorations were present in abundance.

The second part of the film demonstrates the Persian chic clothes. In general, filmmakers have tried to glory. All items epochs reproduced in such detail that you can use the film as a manual image reconstruction era in any celebration.

Indian fashion in the movie "Beauty Lucknow»

The film, which reveals all the charm of an ancient Indian attire - a tape featuring the beautiful model and actress Aishwarya Rai India. The plot is based on the kidnapping of innocent babes of his father's house. Sold to a brothel, she falls in love with a noble man and defeated on the love field. Elegant and finely designed decoration. Magnificent dance. Details of the interior underlined evoke images of a bygone era. Probably none of the Indian film could not match the authenticity of the submitted.

Toilets rajas and servants themselves dancers, whose gifts to the houses and gold as the most prestigious of women in India, striking abundance. Jewellery perfectly highlight the style of past centuries. Experts say Indian dances that played in the film elements of the lost knowledge of ancient Indian dances.


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