Change for the better?

Naya Rivera

Absolutely nezavualirovanny of being a Kim Kardashian from year to year proudly presents Naya Rivera. Actress «Glee» not only that they are so similar, it exacerbates the situation of a similar make-up and hair color. A few days ago arrived at Naya «People's Choice Awards», where many are unfamiliar with her work people took her for a bride Kanye West. And it was such a pretty girl, but these claims on the chic, shine, beauty, glamor and exorbitant Ponte spoiled everything. However, it can be understood, to fend off the stellar team as you do not want ...

Kristen Wiig

At an event to mark the release of the new series "The Spoils of Babylon", one of the stars of the upcoming teleistorii, Kristen Wiig, appeared with a new haircut-square. 40-year-old actress just such a hairstyle to face, and purely on a subconscious level, it seemed that she was much younger.

Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman, recently underwent surgery to remove a cancerous formation on the face (the actor was diagnosed with cancer of the skin), to grieve about it once: the actor acted in the film "Chappy". Do not think that this is a film about food for dogs (and in fact about that just now are not removed!), It's just another movie about gangsters. The plot revolves around the story of the robot, which kidnapped in some very nefarious purposes (not listed in any, but maybe something like "The Adventures of Electronics"). On this occasion, Hugh and trimmed, leaving behind a pair of pretty curls.

Matt Bomer

Hunk-actor from the series "White Collar" was the conference «HBO's The Normal Heart» with a new haircut. Devoted fans speechless, but their only cry was heard from afar, "Oh, nooo, how could you! We loved you so! ". But really began to look like everyone else. Well, is not that all but Stephen Amell and Henry Cavill now resembles more. There is not only a type, but a haircut, God damn it ... Perhaps in the near future our hero some new project?

Jenny McCarthy

Elegant lady turned from Jenny McCarthy thanks to the efforts hairdresser. Jim Carrey's ex-wife, who already wore this hairstyle, happy to return to the old (read as new) times.

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton seems to be the happiest man on the planet - now she has bangs!

Sienna Miller

Sienna Miller toned in pink tones in which all of it ...

I do not know what the trends are in fashion now. With the advent of the daughter Marlowe I just have nothing on but a short time. Honestly, I do not care much what I look like ...

Laura Prepon

Laura Prepon debuted a new black color hair «AmfAR Inspiration Gala» and, in my opinion, this change is even worse than that of Sienna Miller. The black color is not for everyone, and red, of course, too, but it was definitely nicer Laura and fresh. "Playful fox" was a crow.

Nicki Minaj

Master Photoshop! The singer tried her hand at a new way of "Nicky Cyrus." Apparently willing to experiment.

Kate Mara

The new image of the actress - blonde with elongated square. According to experts with the color of Kate simply lost, as well as once Rooney and her sister, recently became a brunette. In general, "neblondinistaya little family».

And finally, a few changes that have not taken root.

Miley Cyrus

Red carpet «KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas»

Selena Gomez

Speech at «KISS FM ''s Jingle Ball»


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