German steel against the Soviet cabinet

Yesterday assorted different stuff in the garage, get me six months ago. Eyes CORN old Soviet wardrobe, he looked a little bit because of the rotted side, but held, taking up precious space. The verdict was that - apart. Entire leave chipboard, lined - throw.

I ordered the cabinet to the street, hit a couple of times with a hammer (almost new) on the rotten chipboard hammer bounced from one "tooth". With the latest blow to the DSP board pitifully cracked and fell onto the ground. Next to the board lay a second tooth.

Okay, I thought, more importantly, that the "head" hammer intact. And I hit a nearby wall. The head of the hammer broke, if I hit the One Ring. Putting aside the remains of the hammer aside, I finished off the Soviet cabinet mount, carefully disconnect the walls and fixtures.

Returning to the hammer, I was expecting to see the words "Province of epide--Zhen, cellar uncle Liao." It turned out that the hammer is made in Germany, in Hamburg in the German factory and guarantee me as a consumer, German quality.

I photographed the remains and thoughtful. Maybe the goods in the Soviet Union possessed an innate invulnerability to the German guns and had to live through yet another war?



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