Wreaths and crosses may disappear from Russian roads

Crosses and tombstones, funeral wreaths and other paraphernalia could soon disappear from the shoulders of highways. A bill banning perpetuate the memory of those killed in a traffic accident at the roadside, went to the State Duma.

The authors of the initiative became a member of the Legislative Assembly of the Jewish Autonomous Region, who assured that "the placement and installation of funeral objects violates the rules for the use of the ROW and roadside roads┬╗.

Grave headstones at the roadside - and the dates of birth, death and photographs, many taken as the real tomb. In fact, under these plates often no rest. The dead were buried where it should be - in the cemeteries. And these signs - a tribute to one whose life was cut short on this fatal city.

Roads began to turn into a place of sorrow, but you can not let that happen, believe the authors of the bill. "The legislation of the burial and funeral business to perpetuate the memory of the deceased are set specially designated in accordance with ethical, health and environmental standards of the place," - reminiscent of the deputies.

In addition to the total ban on the use of the funeral paraphernalia along the roads, the authors propose initiatives seriously penalize violators.

"I can say with confidence and as a practicing psychologist, and as a man, twenty years of sitting behind the wheel of such monuments on the psyche are depressing - said earlier" the Russian newspaper "psychologist Andrew Babin. - Leads to sad, even gloomy thoughts. Nothing upbringing - he says, it is necessary to abide by the rules - they do not. In our life, and so many "seamy side", why even put gravestones along the roads, even on false graves? ┬╗

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