Select profession.

One acquaintance, a cheerful young man, a wonderful business deals. Tea, coffee supplies. Well, at the call of the case, of course, often goes and flies. Including the East - China, India and other Sri Lanka.
And he arrives once in Guangzhou. Take a taxi, and they go in the direction of the city. Around beauty, green, everything is blooming. See our tea magnate on this matter, the soul and the eyes rejoices and imperceptibly falls out of the reality. Suddenly, for no conceivable reason, the taxi stops suddenly, the driver of a gurgling sound emitted from the cabin and disappears from sight. Our hero in a light loss - in fact in China to stop on highways is prohibited, and the police is sufficient for stiff penalties.
A few minutes later the driver returned, just 8-10 says «sorry» and they go next. After a few minutes pattern repeats. Stop - Bull Bull - the first went - 2 minutes - much comeback «sorry» - gone. To say that the familiar intrigued - virtually silent. Especially this time of the glove compartment to remove the stack of napkins and driver washes, in the car something rubs ...
Another ten minutes and that way happens through three double. This time, he returned with a completely haggard face, the driver pronounces sentence, realizing that acquaintance with the seat slides and rides to the hotel in a liquid state: «Sorry, I'm sick when I'm driving».
That is what it means to successfully choose a profession and to love their job. Pukes, but goes. Thin is still the case - East.


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