Gagarin with a can.

He worked at one of the famous Kiev factory of a remarkable man named Valerie, do not look at the life and work of the easiest ways. He always knew how to invent a kind of solution to the problem, which is a normal person never occurred. Perhaps he was a genius.
And I hit him once the can. Of those in which the Union has carried the milk. Forty-something liters. Thing is certainly valuable and the farm arhinuzhnaya. One is bad - it previously stored paint. Well, for the savvy employee hot shop that does not matter. Near the furnace shaft type in which Kalili metal. Burn - and the whole long.
However, from the front failed. Neck prolazit, and then - stop. Then we climb to the inventor of the oven, open the door and everything works. Fire goes up, that is in the can, a miracle, not a solution. There are, however a small caveat - if you do not keep a can filled up. Well, it's nothing at all - substituted planks, cans in the door opening, and on top - Valera rams his ass burns container.
Well, what he did not know or did not remember high-school physics - so who are his doctor. But couples burnt paint was completely uninteresting. And, the respective point, the pressure has reached a critical point. There was cotton. The projectile is launched, a plumb tester pendalya not weak. Valera dived down from his pedestal on the concrete floor, and the can slightly change the trajectory of a contact with an obstacle, the window completely delivered, so much so in the frame and got stuck.
Since then, a variety of nicknames added Valerina and space - Yuri Gagarin.


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