Magazine Life, 21.04.1961

Hello, friends, and good day!

Congratulations to all the Cosmonautics Day! And in honor of this holiday, I wanted to show a few pictures.

The fact that my wife and I love to stop off at the weekend flea market on US. :)

Where you can find anything, extremely interesting to learn about the history of the country through things, sometimes quite familiar in appearance.

So, we visited one of these flea markets a couple of weeks ago, and there is something I naryl in pile of old books and newspapers, the magazine Life.

Pay attention to the release date of 7 days after the first flight into space, Yuri Gagarin !!! I grasp it at once, and bargain with the seller on just $ 5.

So a post about how Gagarin's flight was lit with that, on the other hand, during the Cold War. :)

The post will be short, half a dozen pictures and some text. Please do not break, I will inform you about the end! .. :)

Yuri Gagarin goes on carpet in Moscow.

To briefly summarize the text under the photo, it is called a hero Gagarin, translated publish his impressions of the flight, how the continents, oceans, seas and rivers look like from space.

Well, of course, pour a small dose of politics - say, President Kennedy congratulated the Soviet Union with the achievement, but was very brief, knowing that Soviet victory strengthens its influence on «uncommited people of the world» - roughly those countries who I have not yet made a choice, in which camp to join them.

Gagarin on the platform of the mausoleum. On the left edge - for some reason the Prime Minister of Mongolia, Yumzhagin Tsendenbal, right - unsmiling Kliment Voroshilov, Gagarin, Khrushchev, First Secretary of Frol Kozlov, and of Leonid Brezhnev.

Bottom - the crowd rocking all the people in the form of Flight. That's because the holiday was !!! :)

It tells of the capsule in which Gagarin flew, as well as a little about himself, including a photo with his daughter Lena.

Well, about the American reality.

It looks like a big hit was the general mood, with such titles.

In the center - the engine of an F-1, which was used later in the first stage of the rocket Saturn 5 - the main rocket Apollo program.

Bottom Right - the first attempts to create a nuclear rocket engine. So far, the idea has not been implemented, by the way. :)

Frustrated future astronauts Alan Shepard and John Glenn in the morning when they found out that was not the first space explorers.

A few months later, Sheppard will be the third man, who was in space after Gagarin and Titov, and fly to the moon on Apollo-14.

And John Glenn is the first American to orbit the Earth in February 1962. And then return to space at age 77 on October 29, 1998, aboard the shuttle Discovery, a year before his death. That man!

Bottom - photos reactions of people in the different countries of the news about the flight of Gagarin.

That's the girl I was interested. A certain "Secretary of Germany." I think - really Chancellor of this age? But no. On the Internet, at least a cursory search, found nothing.

Who is it, I wonder?

Well, here is pure fiction and speculation that is in space in the near future.

Futuristic regatta sail spacecraft with solar panels that fold into a little ball to launch rockets into orbit and then turn around and you can fly, catching the sunlight.

We must not forget that there is a cold war. Future Project Space "police" ship

As well as the atomic bomber.

That is because the militarists damned!

Not to end on a note of aggression, just a couple of pages of advertising from the same magazine. I liked the machine.

Well, in the head does not fit that the roads traveled like cars and people to conquer the space !!! It's crazy !!! :)

And cigarettes, which I used to smoke a long time ago, that's straight out of a packet.

It is necessary, even in 1961 this design was. Now I do not even know, long ago gave up.

I have all the friends, all again on the Day of Cosmonautics, well, other than all weekend !!!



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