Russia through the eyes of a foreigner

Simon took a year sabbatical and traveled to Russia, Mongolia, China, Vietnam and other countries in Southeast Asia. Russia in this list was the first country and the most obscure - Hostelling little guides are one-sided, on the stereotype of the stereotype.

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Will be 31 photos, please do not break, try to lay out quickly.

1. Thus, the first file - Simon Josse. Born in 1982, place of birth and residence - the city of Bern, Switzerland. Occupation: school teacher, primary and secondary classes. Hobbies: travel and metal music. He is one of the most authoritative figures metal movement of Switzerland, the organizer of the country's biggest death metal / grindcore festival. Personal characteristics: Nordic character, hard. A true Aryan. He speaks German, English and French. Curious, open, sociable, inquisitive and infectious childish kind.

2. Next - the story of Simon.

In Brest was a long stop - rails in Belarus and Russia is wider. Changed the wheels. Anatoly, my companion, explained that this is because Russian did not want the Germans could quickly move to Russia during the war.

Here there were women and persistently offered a lot of food - Anatoly taught me how to give up on the Russian - net ne nada.

3. In Moscow I met Alex and his friend on an old Russian car. The machine was not working and the petrol gauge needle jumped from the provisions of the "tank empty" to "tank full" - but Alex somehow always knew how many of petrol and said that Russian often go to the speedometer inoperative.

4. But these strange machines, even the police goes.

5. Road traffic in Russia, as soon as it is clear that different from ours. I would not have sat behind the wheel in Russian.

Begin to move very rapidly, very rapidly rebuilt. Overtaking on the right here is quite common. Another Russian do not know that a solid line marking shall not be crossed, and even a double cross. They go very fast and do not respect the distance. A lot of accidents, I saw two or three a day! A lot of cars dented after the accident and continued to drive. It seems that it does not bother anyone, even the police.

6. Alex lives in a 25-minute drive from the train station, at home, we were immediately greeted by his cat. Alex said. that she is as crazy as he is. In Russia, I spent the night in 10 places and went to visit - and all living cats - I think the cat is in every Russian home. And everywhere they can not leave the house.

7. In the area lived 130 thousand people - as many as in the entire capital of Switzerland! And then it's just the area. If you are in Russia for more than three days, you need to register with the police. I think it can be done on the internet, but had to go by and fill a lot of papers. When I asked where do I check when I go to Mongolia, I was told that it is no use to anybody, and I can throw it away. It is not clear - why do it if it is no use to anybody, and no one had to check? Register. Alex said that now the KGB knows where I am.

8. This is the so-called "street" where no asphalt, despite the fact that there are houses.

9. I brought a gift raclette for cheese making, but in Russia the other plug. While I was thinking where to get an adapter - Alex picked up and just broke a third plug - and it worked!

10. In Russia, a lot of shops closing does not work, day and night. This is great!
Russian drink a lot of tea from big mugs. And no one drank vodka at me, before I went to Siberia. Prior to Siberia, I was thinking that this stereotype, Russian vodka and do not drink.

11. Yekaterinburg. We met Olya and Stas. Treated thin, home-cooked stuffed pasta - one rammed into the potatoes, cabbage to another. Street names in English there, lost.

12. In Yekaterinburg there are houses from the 1920s, which produced an apartment without a kitchen and a bathroom. In the courtyards were then dining rooms and baths. They partly exist today, because it's too expensive, to complement the apartment bathroom and kitchen.

Asked to help stick the poster. I said I do not speak Russian, but I gave up, it's nothing. I do not know what is written here.

13. The fishermen were fishing in a completely terrible, dirty "river." I would be scared out there fishing.
Fisherman beat the fish on the ground and folded in a plastic bag.

14. From Yekaterinburg to Novosibirsk. Very long distances!

When traveling on the Trans-Siberian Railway on each platform selling sandwiches, stuffed toys, decorations and even chandeliers. What the hell are selling chandeliers apron ?! Are they then someone buys?

15. At one of the stations to sell the fish. As I understand it here, in the area Barabinsk many ozer.Ya tried to eat fish with knife and fork, but I could not. I have shown that eating this fish without a knife and fork without. I had to pull off the skin from the tail to the head. The meat was very salty and delicious. There was a fair field of battle with the fish and my hands smelled, despite repeated washing, for quite some time.

16. There are many more eating noodles. Alex said that it called on the Russian bomzharka.

17. I spent hours just looking out the window. Infinitely long forest, rarely interrupted cities. Transsiberian punctual scared me late, but it was not.

18. Novosibirsk. This is a very big city and very uncomfortable and dirty. I walked along the river and watched from time to time fishermen, they fill up rods in brown muck. The shore of the river in the city center has been a dump garbage.

It turns out it's called the "park". Lol. Funny. On the ride was only a single visitor and everyone looked at him. It's pretty funny.

Here come the wedding limousine, and no one seems to really this beach does not bother. In Russia, a lot of weddings. Marriage can be a really popular Russian sports. Most are married and divorced.

19. The Museum of Novosibirsk for some reason not allowed to take pictures. Nothing in English and understand the meaning of the exhibits can only vaguely.

The basement has a small collection of incoherent acting sugar and cans for beverages. Children's Collection Coke to my sister more than the accumulation of everything in this museum.

Very few people in Russia know English, even on a simple level. German only know from the experience of common knowledge in the Soviet Union: "Hands high!", "Quick, quick!" And "Hitler ruined».

We go to Irkutsk. Incredibly, the only trade on the platforms is growing and growing.

20. Our hostel is located in one of these houses.

21. The road to Olkhon took 7 hours. Russia has used the machine with both left and right-hand drive.

The people were very much my backpack placed on the roof. Then I thought it might be rain, and on arrival I had to dry things.

22. Lake Baikal are found in fish that eat the remains. Drowned man not looking for longer than 7 days, and then nothing more of it remains.

23. On the mountain, met Russian couple. When the man learned that I was Swiss, he immediately offered me a drink of vodka. He explained to me that his wife was going, but hid for a bottle, which can be discreetly drink. Fortunately, he poured me only half a glass, because I still had to go down.

24. This sacred place among the Buryats.

25. Buryat Shaman show singing and playing tunes from the Beatles.

26. Ulan-Ude. Buryatia. Selenginsk founded by Cossacks in 1666, the year.

27. All the central area was littered with glass from broken vodka bottles.

28. Russian incredibly hospitable. Everywhere where we have come, even just by accident, immediately prepared a feast.

29. I have never seen a saber-toothed deer and did not know that they exist.

30. It is time to leave Russia. I went to Mongolia was the last station of Naushki.

31. Russia - super! I will definitely come back here.
Russian sometimes gloomy, but very welcoming and hospitable.
Russia is a huge, undiscovered country where many miracles.

Do svidaniia Rossjia!

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