And they say: guys obmelchali ... But they like the water came, all as one in Amur rose!

And they say young people are not the same ... And they say: guys obmelchali ... But they like the water came, all as one in Amur rose! And these people prostration, Because not betrayed their homeland, not served by a warm corners where safety is not run. They should always remember the city as the Amur water bubbling. Do not say that young people are not all the guys TE, very real!
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It will be about 70 photos

That's how it all began

04.09.13 We see the difference in the level of water in front of the dam and the dam

04.09.13 at the lowest point on duty police

Water blocked the highway, but the iron is not exactly go


Impending element of the city!

8.Komshosse (road to Dzemgi)

The road goes ...

Railroad near Komsomolsk stood

Again 06.09.13, Friday

Water intake, it does not flood


Quay barely visible

Pumps for pumping water from the streets




and again the city


Blue rippled the water's edge is a roof


Storm on the Amur is threatened by a dam in Komsomolsk-on-Amur

Just behind the houses of the dam, which holds back the water.


Well, where do without Komsomol volunteers, beauties, athletes ????
Here is one of the heroines


These men with CHP-3. Sami poured themselves drag ...

Children volunteers in one of the most dangerous areas

Technique at the dam

One of the heroes of the city's defenders, Ivan Ilyich

This dam on the village. Victory built (it is the main here) Levchenko Alexander Matveyevich! A plane flies help us ...

The dam on the village. Winning

Again machinery and the hero behind the wheel.

Firefighters extinguish not only the fire, but they can also pump water into the machine.


Kamaz from that column, in which the driver has to o.Gassi drowned with the machine. The boys hurried to the aid of the city

Saving caravan

The product is discharged directly to the highway Orel

Products soldiers at the dam. Apparently from entrepreneurs ...

On this machine you can see how much water has risen in the last 7 days

We do not flood!

PTSka brought long intestine to protect it from waves

Title Wave beats and it has to keep the hand

Night work

Guys volunteers unload the car at the dam with sand

At night, the work was in full swing as well as in the afternoon. Military and volunteers tirelessly build dams

These are the faces of the characters are simple

Dam on the Komsomolsk holding hands and clock

Intensive work does not stop at night

This site is all done by hand


Barrier gut

10.09 at the dam at night are hard at work ...

10.09 work at night, machines are a continuous stream

It was not easy!

Here are the guys from Ivanovo!

Simple Russian guys to defend the city


Again Ivanovo.

"And I do not need the Order ...»

Sandbags just in case

Connected and have the air force

Dam on the Komsomolsk kept bodies

Protection dam Komsomolskaya

Such difficult conditions

Thank you for your courage!

Thanks to all! The water is gone, but it will remain in memory for a long time!

Special thanks V.Sidorinu for most of the photos provided.



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