Hallo! I have a photo of your wife's lover

Jailed come up with a new plot of phone fraud ...

"Your son was in the police. If you want to see him urgently fill up the phone (place the money on the account). " So simple way foraged mostly prisoners, trying to replenish their accounts at the illegal CellPhones or get extra money for serving sausages in the prison shop. Cheating was widespread a few years ago and already rather worn out. Requirement "unreasonable little child" without checking the information thrown only extremely concerned parents. We need a fresh idea - and here it is! The story told us, Igor from Slavyansk Donetsk region, we hope, will help others not to get hooked.
"Very sorry»

 - Calls from an unknown number on your phone, I found not at once - was busy, - says Igor. - I decided to call. The man responded, apologized several times, and then said that he has bad news for me.

The news was the fact that someone has a package of photographs in which the wife of Igor embodied in bed with another man.

 - Call again apologized for what makes me sad, saying he did not want to ruin the family, but it just so happened that he instructed me to pass this package - continues to Igor. - It is more insinuating, intelligent person. Somehow, it seemed to me that the voice is like the voice of a eunuch. I once believed, but was curious what will happen next?

When the apology and sympathy dried up, "Courier" at last said that he wants for his services 300 hryvnia. The meeting was appointed at the station, asking him to call out Igor.

 - I invited a friend from the police, he thought, he might be able to cover some kind of gang. But at the station we were not wanted. When I called back the number of already familiar, I was asked to buy three cards of replenishment of 100 hryvnia and call back again - say where they should bring.

AMOUNT can increase

Buy "popolnyashki" Igor did not. But pause survived. The quest continued. Address to which kept the evidence against an unfaithful wife, he promised to call after the "deceived husband" will dictate the number of replenishment. Poprepiravshis extortionist with a couple of minutes, Igor finally convinced that he was right when he did not lead to a divorce.

 - My phone was in the open resources - I gave business ads on the Internet - concludes Igor. - I think that not only I could become a target for fraudsters. The same trick can be applied to women. They would rather lose his head when he heard that the husband plays with the other.

In the prison service and the police Donetsk region said that complaints about such scams they have not acted. Subject: while. The new script, invented by inmates, sets itself apart from the previous one, that not every user will dare to confess that the half suspected of treason, for which he paid. The new method seems to only being tested if it will work, warned the redemption amount will increase.


Krasnopyorov Alexander, executive director of the All-Ukrainian association of private detectives:

 - Scammers always play on emotions. Love and jealousy - the strongest sense, and indeed they can push people into spontaneous actions. Unfortunately, often what happens.

My advice to men and a member of the Association of Detectives: take a deep breath ... and smile. Take this information as a signal that requires a leisurely inspection. And do not get involved with anyone financially, without being sure of the legality of the operation. Law - is the one that can be reflected in the contract for detective services. Covert surveillance of individuals banned, it can only be carried out by the police court approval. But there is no certainty that there will be those who will follow your spouse (wife) and install hidden video cameras in the bedrooms, if you ask them about it. Maybe you do not even oblaposhat, unleash the tidy sum.

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