As we deceive business: revelation workers

In this article we have collected statements of users of social networks, working in well-known and respected companies:

1. I worked at Claires. Our training lasted about 15 minutes. After that, we were sent to pierce ears children. After the procedure, we just wiped the blood with a needle and used it again for the next visitor.

2. I have worked in the Arizona company producing carbonated beverages. On the label of one of them was written "Made in the spring water" - and it was true. For every 600 gallons of drink we poured into the tank exactly one gallon of spring water.

3. In an old hotel where I worked, the bed after the guests have changed only if she really looked "dirty".

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When I worked at HHGregg, we had to tell clients that their old TV sets will be used for recycling. In fact, we simply discarded.


The company produces McAllister iced tea called "Famous Iced Tea" ("The famous iced tea"). On the company's website states that "the recipe of this drink is kept secret." In fact, it's just a very sweet Lipton. A huge amount of sugar, dissolved in tea, Lipton - that's the whole terrible secret "celebrity iced tea".


I worked in one of the company's stores Sears. A week before the "big sale", we changed the price tags on all products, raising prices. On the treadmill, for example, we threw $ 500. On the eve of the sale we stuck labels on them "- $ 200." That is, even when sales were $ 300 more expensive than the normal price.


I worked for four years in the Orange Julius and responsibly declare: fruit juice, for which people pay six dollars, in fact, is such only half. The second half - the usual juice from concentrate.


I worked at the center for the treatment of infertility of one of the largest cities in the United States, in the laboratory, where do IVF. In the year we spent about 2000 IVF. And repeatedly embryos of the same parents got addicted parents completely different.

Rarely has such cases become known to the public. Usually clinic scrambles to hush up the case.


Company Goodwill is considered charitable and non-profit, but its annual income is about $ 100 million.

Most of the things that people sacrifice (about 80 percent) or thrown away, or sold in bulk to third world countries. The rest - something that looks new or nearly new, sold in stores at prices slightly below the original.

Charities - very dark water.

These people derive huge profits from the fact that the victims of gullible people. They say that employ people with disabilities who are most difficult to find a job. In fact, they deftly find loopholes in the law to pay pennies with disabilities, taking advantage of their helplessness.


I worked in a restaurant The Elephant in Columbus, Ohio. Our managers are required to collect from visitors nesёdennuyu food dishes and put on the plates of other visitors.


Capital One Financial company doing this trick: if you want to fully pay them by credit card, they do not call you the whole amount that you need to pay - only the current balance.

You pay as you say, and live in peace, not knowing what kind of numbers you have $ 0, 12 debt, which drip interest and penalties because they cease to send you notices about your account (you think the account is closed) .

And one day you learn from the staff of the law firm that owed the company Capital One $ 400.


I worked as a social worker in a boarding school for the disabled. One of our ward pregnant - mute girl with serious developmental delays. We conducted several tests of DNA, and the father of the child turned one of the boarding staff. Moreover, the girl found to have syphilis, which the father of the child was not. That is raped her at least twice, two different men.


I worked at the university, where in the 70s made a rapid and spectacular career, a young scientist.

Once he gathered a group of students and went with them to Egypt, but at some point, just disappeared with the money allocated for the trip, leaving students with a huge debt for the hotel that they could not pay.

Last year, when it became known the details of his biography, we learned that the professor - the biological father of Steve Jobs.


I work for a company that provides cable internet people. Whatever the speed of your Internet, it costs us the same way.


In our restaurant you can choose a lobster in an aquarium that you cook it. The problem is that your lobster will wait in the kitchen when you leave, and you will have another thawed.


I can say with full knowledge of the situation, that 90 percent of sushi restaurants lie about what fish use.




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