The work on which depends thousand lives

Today is the International day of an air traffic controller! Congratulations!

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2.Aviadispetchery - people a unique profession, privileged caste. They always build the most beautiful and tallest building at the airport, and then another, and pay the money that they admired every day here is such a beauty.

3.Well is of course a joke. We all understand that the responsibility and the intense work still to look, because the notes on the radar - hundreds of human lives. Dispatching service operates around the clock, and controllers are his watch shifts. It's as nervous tension, can be attributed to the shortcomings of the profession.

4. In Hollywood movies, that would visualize the hard work of the KDP, usually show a kind of an ant hill with blinking lights, scanners and chattering twang controllers. In fact, here the silence and Spock in the library. Occasionally one of the controllers so quietly bu-bu-bu into the microphone again quiet.

5.No park the still happen sometimes. This usually occurs in the morning, during the morning expansion. Koltsovo is built on a level though, but a swampy place, and because almost every morning fog. Not for long - only a few tens of minutes, but thick as milk. The office of heaven just flip the breaker switch "fog incl." And all you can smoke.

6.Tak that's been the case recently. Nearly a dozen sides are preparing for departure, passengers are wearing, the engines are running, tractors already on the aircraft boarding bridges will drag, had then bam and fog. And what, again, on the aircraft parking? So in fact in their place others should arrive. And managers decide - all aircraft built in column one on a second runway and freeze in a pose of low start. It is worth to say that the Ekaterinburg Koltsovo airport two runways. Both are long and wide, and most importantly - are parallel to each other. So one of them, and planes lined up. And when the fog lifted, according to dispatchers, everything was like on an aircraft carrier during the war - planes vypulivalis airport as fighters from the catapult. A few minutes later one on the ground was not.

7.No such overlays are rare, and in general - less kipisha, so the more quality work controllers.

8.Sovremennoe equipment course greatly facilitates the work of the dispatch service.

9.No and good old-fashioned, warm, analog technology is always at hand.

10.Vot what kind of device I do not know, and who are these Mamre and PESLI.

11. A scheme that's easy to learn Airport. Now there is a strong construction (new parking, taxiing, etc.) and therefore the movement of something which is blocked. Choose the path detour! :)))

12.Nu and imprisoned several remarkable species from the balcony of the KDP, so to speak - of the airfield, seeing how its managers.



15.Spasibo for attention. Congratulations again!



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