A Thousand Words (2012)

Released: US
Duration: 01:31:30
Original title: A Thousand Words
Released: 2012
Director: Brian Robbins

Starring: Eddie Murphy, Kerry Washington, Emanuel Ragsdale, Jill Basey, Greg Collins, Robert LeQuang, Michael Wilkinson, Lindsey Nelson, Michael Cody Gilbert, Lou Saliba

Hero Eddie Murphy in the movie "A Thousand Words" - talkative literary agent capable yammer hours. Oratory Jack is simply amazing, and to persuade to sign a contract he seems everyone can. But it lasts only as long as Jack meets with the mysterious Dr. Shinji. He not only refuses to sign the contract, but also arranges hero major test of his life.
On the lawn near the house Jack grows Bodhi tree, and the film "A Thousand Words" and the life of the hero will have to end at a time when it will fall to the last leaf. McCall is no longer able to lead a normal life, because with every word from the tree showered on the sheet, and the amount assigned to it no more than a thousand words. The film "A Thousand Words" is filled with references to Buddhism and other ancient cultures. Will Jack attain enlightenment by taking a vow of silence enforced?


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