One more Karlosona (2012)

Issued: Russia
Duration: 01:20:28
Original title: One More Karlosona!
Released: 2012
Director: Saric Andreasyan

Starring: Michael Galustyan, Nonna Grishaeva, Gosha Kutsenko, Alexander Oleshko Igor Wernick, Maria Siomkin, Fyodor Smirnov, Stepan Yurpalov, Oleg Tabakov, Simon Furman

"Hi. My name is Elena Bok and I'm your new, kiborgopodobnaya housekeeper. " Hero Michael Galustyan, called in our world for the similarities Karlosona, lives in a magical and colorful world of metrics - plump bolsheuhih flying meters tall men, whose mission - to help kids who are grown rather create problems rather than solve them. Metrics can be shown to children, but they have to carefully hide their existence from the boring adults.


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