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In a cool and gray Monday Report on the share of output and virtually closed Rybalsky-tourist season!

In anticipation of
It all started with the fact that my darling cheered the news - "to our weekend rides my mum." Mother-of course I do, but the fact that it is so cunningly violated our pact of non-aggression confused me. I was made a willful decision of departure "on the islandĀ».

Will ph 28 (in which two bonus).

Here we are on the banks of the Dnieper River in the vicinity of the glorious Rzhyshchiv. Turn. Strong rock the boat, intelligent control, I fotkayu.

To the islands!
Under Rzhyshchiv very beautiful place. hilly terrain. The city stands on the banks of the Kanev reservoir. When this vodohran done - a lot of villages were under water, and once turned into the high hills of the island. But on one of these islands, we and our way.

from landing sailed well. Sounder suggested that at this point it would be nice to throw. throwing. a single blow - just like soulless plastmasska naeb la ... two smart and healthy men. sailing on to the island of bald. Troll on the road.

then again we threw, spinners, baits, silicone, dancing with a tambourine, but adamantly refused to fish caught. and since we have not really counted on super-catch, it was decided to take a little break. "Sribnaya Hortytsya" and Butrik.

Here is such a relaxation in nature. ducks flying, boat peacefully rocking on the waves, I do not leave hopes to catch anything on the evening soup, and some busy union ...

darts off. wandering in between the islands popodaet the church. (here I lied potmou prekarsno we know where it is, it flooded the church), but did not expect such a lovely ruins prevratyat to the current church.

We decided to put a look. all the beautiful places there. Tripoli. even in the Chronicle mentioned chronicler Nestor. This church, which after the creation of the reservoir was in the water, previously stood on the elevated location of the village Husince.

Now here is the triumph of faith over reason ... and yes ... when I was here before the restoration, I had to endure much more reverent than now. forgive me, insulted believers.

the enemy of obscurantism in me fiercely pyatisilnogo turning the handle of the motor, taking the boat away.

while I was trying to get even for the evening full of zhrachki Dmitry DiCaprio acted carelessly and not at all as befits behave peasant in 40 years)

Our Titanic approaches to Bald Mountain. without fish, but with a great sense of hunger. I could write that Dima pukes, or, for example, catch frogs to somehow feed themselves this evening, but no, he washes his hands happily as a bud it was not lack of fish on bespokoet ear.

here it is, the view from Bald Mountain on the Dnieper River in the rays of the setting sun. it's not put into words how it is beautiful, calm, calming. although I was still gnawing question - what we eat ...

camped and I understood Olympian calm Dima ...

Turns out he bought podcherevki (this is a kind of fat. estimate, is the fat is different)), inter alia, potatoes, porridge, vegetables, etc. in general, the dinner was notable, though without soup.

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living in metropolitan areas to wean us from the sky. literally and figuratively. we are so busy that we have no time to raise his head up and just look up at the sky. in our cities so much light that the stars are virtually invisible. Yes, and who are interested in the stars when you head over 19 floors of concrete slabs. in general, this place should be a picture of the night sky and billions of stars. and you're lying on a karemat, look in the sky. somewhere flies, blinking lights, plane, floats slowly to the right satellite. and the stars are so many and they are so low ... well, my friends, this picture does not convey a sense of ...

we took with them the torch, but the principle of tea brewed over a campfire. then he has a completely different taste. a day without bites and no fish, we were sitting around the campfire. every thought of his. we were silent. office buzzing body from sitting on the bench, cutting firewood and waving spinning and my heart was calm and space umirovtovrenie.

Have you ever looked at diskaeri of crab catchers? Well, or at worst advertising on Norwegian fish? ))) That's how I felt The self. rose wave, wind hrenachil be healthy, I have some horseradish swam to the middle. in short everything as in advertising))) of water flowed brezentuhe streaks. we still sailed closer to shore. The Dime spoke the voice of reason, and he ultimately offer "a little poblesnit." in short, we scored. beginning at Dimona cut short wobbler for 40 bucks)) and then I caught a pike. normally such a pike! I felt like a kid who gave the woman the first time to hold tits))

In fairness it should be noted that the more fish we Poma. and no pin was not there.

here it is, my beauty. I've been dragging her and she fought so hard that the boat with her Fota ochkanul I)) and were not up to the gallery.

I always peel and cut up the fish on shore. Perhaps that is why the word "fishing" is not his wife drives a state of hysteria). evisceration pike pulled up to 4, 5 kg.

but the hero of the day. one of the cheapest wobblers in my suitcase)

to celebrate, I tear a boat to shine)))

and almost single-handedly packed everything into the trunk)

bonuses ...
our inspector, doevshy remnants of sausage))

accidentally dug on Bald spoon. Figure it Cams forgotten some of the fishermen or nemchura ...

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dog Kama Sutra.

I and my six-foot one Dimon. all. Thank you for the attention. You can kick.



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