Echoes of War

Echoes of War (49 photos)

Last trip "into the woods" turned unexpectedly heavy in many ways. But at the same time - full of non-lethal adventures.

All described below does not claim to completeness and validity. This is, for the most part, my personal observations and emotions. Of course, I tried to go to each objective is a point and tried to resist the "only true point of view." Given in the text are merely illustrative pictures to describe, and in no way to "highly spiritual" do not apply. I ask to take it seriously Explains.

In addition, the text used momentum "so-called" not having goals to diminish or detract from, the goal - to inform those who do not know what a "Memory Watch", for example. Pro Life

Adventure I personally wanted for a long time and they were not slow. To start cheerfully met in the train of his friend, naturally came running to run quite the waste engine. The train immediately visited with a sudden check everyday dining car, enjoyed already forgotten "unobtrusive service" completely nesedobnymi meat crafts called "Kuban" and afterward some sleep. Woke up late at night, landed on a deserted railway platform and moved our few belongings in the car made in Ukraine (then it was not an excuse "to»).

The camp of the search party "Demyansk" raised a red flag. With a hammer and sickle

We arrived at the camp, laid them on yourself bundles of belongings, crossed a narrow river for two brёvnyshkam, flashing his lanterns swaying in the water, and silently cursing kindly mats. In the darkness under ledenyuschey prickly stars right in the open field dressed in camouflage suits youthful-not first term wear. Come warm up by the fire, the night was not one warm. Basking before dawn.

On the banks of the river. Across the river is crossed by all your favorite brёvnyshki from which some managed to fly into the water on the whole gallop

In the morning, when all the rest of the current search expedition woke up, once again we drank tea, looked around, choose a place for tents equally pitched our tent inconspicuous little blue donated colleagues from Nikon and explore the area. Neighborhood consisted of a narrow musical pobulkivayuschey river with clear, but intense peat-brown water, and many young groves. At the river took a defensive line at the beginning of the war, because lack of killed Red Army was not expected at the outset.

On the edge of the forest, the river "stretched" camp search expedition

Maintenance work

Construction of cellophane - bath. You heat in the fire-stones valunchikov, nakipyatish field kitchen in the river water, pre and pinned to saw wood, peretaskali hot stones on a shovel in a transparent house - and wash up all you like from the bucket. Uncomfortable, cold, of course, but the alternative - to get into the river. On the street about +5

Night over the camp. As shown in the photographs at night - clubs

To the left in the picture - I. Right and center - the fruit of my work. As part of the proof of overcoming hardships and tribulations I took split generously sizes gnarled stump. Fought with him two axes simultaneously, then just tore it furiously wooden wedges. Warmed up properly!

About our

I would like to immediately clarify: the main task of the search expedition - search and possible further identification of dead soldiers of the Red Army. Of course - and then dumping found. In the tombs and monuments. That is - if possible solemnly, because for us all killed in battle people deserve. In my mind a couple of times and invited to the burial MVD-FSB saluted from their CSSA, as it should be at the burial of soldiers killed in battle. Many do not understand, but the military traditions and rituals - is nonetheless important. But the "iron" and other pleasant discoveries - a side effect. In general, of course - not for the sake of iron all this afoot. Glands for other people and other expedition equip.

Shovel caught on the helmet. It was this Russian helmet SS was dropped in 1941 on the bottom of the trench. A helmet is often in the skull of the deceased. Sometimes the helmet is the only hope: no metal object discovered the remains unlikely unless stumble upon them accidentally. No metal - metal detector does not ring, the fighter remains unfound and nepogrebёnnym ...

Identification of dead soldiers and commanders every time very difficult. First of all, difficulties arise due to the lack of any documents when killed. For example, of not less than 120 killed, found for this trip (for us after our departure yet found about 30 people), death medallions were at three. Of the three, one was a wooden medallions, respectively paper note inside wet and crumbled into dust before the moment medallion found. In one of the two plastic penalchikov was empty and the other was a note yet. Not the fact that it will be able to read, but there is a chance. Total: 120 people can be to try to identify only ONE.

This is the upper part of the skull. It - the brains of the dead soldier. Not everyone will be pleasant like naturalism, but all it will be important to understand that the war is even part of its consequences are not what you see on TV and cinema

The Germans, the absence and loss of metal badge embossed with the name of the military unit, identification number, blood group (rather than paper notes, clumsily filled with a chemical pencil) was considered a disciplinary offense and re-issue of this medal was no longer free for a soldier. If the theme of "death row" you will find interesting - here on this site you can find more information, quite sensible.

Here was the cutting edge, has repeatedly passed from hand to hand

About the Germans

If you come across in the search for the dead Germans - their remains are collected in a plastic bag, make a brief notation about where and under what circumstances found after transfer authorized German organization called Volksbund Deutsche Kriegsgraeberfuersorge eV, dealing with issues of identification and burial of German soldiers. I had the opportunity to talk with representatives of the organization in the city of Hamburg, in the business they do, it must be said, seriously.

"Trucks" in the camp

Another little explanation: I personally myself for 9 years this kind of trips found dead German soldier with a mortal medallion once. Apparently - accident (he was squatting in a trench on the left and right of it found a lot of our dead). This medallion is usually broken in half along the perforations, one half of a contributor who was killed in the teeth (or somewhere else, that there was confidence that with the possible exhumation of the remains will be to identify unambiguously), and another - in the archives. Which makes it quite accurately keep track of combat losses. In addition to this stationery, pedantic attitude toward killed, the Germans tried their fallen comrades even from under serious fire to pick up and carry away that is very different from what was happening in the Red Army.

"Miracle Tree" to dry

Military burial (including - in the occupied territories), the Germans used to do very carefully, observing not only rule governing accurate snap to the area (for example, "100 meters south of the well in the village center and 200 meters to the west fork in the road"). Today, such an accuracy sometimes goes sideways Germans: stacked in neat rows on the precisely measured distance of the dead soldiers and officers of the Wehrmacht and Luftwaffe fall under almost annual "distribution": beginners looters ruthlessly "bomb" German "beds", punching two cherished pit. One - on the head (followed by collection of helmets and gold teeth), the other - on the belt (followed by collection of buckles, military "body kit" and all sorts of belongings, including badges and awards). All I have seen German cemeteries were dug repeatedly with mandatory apparently "patriotic" scatter the remains (read - bones and skulls) in the surrounding bushes. Broken bottles and piles of human shit completes the picture of unparalleled heroism marauders from among our countrymen with you. Adds that it is not moralizing from the series "they are good and we are bad", but a statement of fact: Russian (Soviet) killed - far greater and often it is just a lazy worthless. Germans - less. But they need and their marauders do not forget to dig out every year. Dig thoughtfully and carefully, aware that the second delivery - will not.

"Kitchen" to "waterfront»

Myths about

From time to time I get asked the question of whether I have to buy this or that found at the scene of fighting. To report that never in his life nothing found not sold and do not intend to. For any money. Also some interest in what happens to weapons and explosives have been found in the same places fights - I do not whether to Chechnya or any other source of international terrorism?

PPSh-41. We ought to send them really Chechen terrorists, so it was empty!

At this point in more detail focus: indeed, small arms (light and heavy different species), ammunition, and explosives to Russian, Belarusian and Ukrainian forests still lies in excess. In excess - this means that today can be found above almost everyone with an ordinary shovel. Condition of such weapons can be found in the pictures. And then proceed to view the critical evaluation of the television series "The Black trackers and multi-million dollar business on the blood", where monolingual experts will tell how and where to dig brand new "German Schmeisser" and other "Parabellum in oil with the German secret warehouses." In this case, when storytellers just spit in the face to face. Well, how not to remember about citizen nicknamed "fascists" of the fabulous series "Brother» ...

Finds. Pay attention to the quality and quantity of rifles

On the other hand: for about 15-20 years after the war, the collection and independent repair weapons utmost ease no idea, because the weapons of the rural population was and is. I think so, I have such a hypothesis. It is not going to raids on savings banks, mostly, but purely from a rural thrifty: the subject strong, technically complex, and you can take. Just in case. And maybe come in handy some times there any ... From three to five rifles can collect sensible one: in a good barrel, on the other valve lift, the third - a tree. Then adjust the same, military ammunition, lubricate properly, roll up in rags, newspapers and old coat with grease. And prikopat from sin under some inconspicuous hill. How many paltishek with grease the cities and villages prikopalis - nobody knows. And do not know. And talk about such "Nychko" outsiders - or an idiot in the final phase (Armed and Dangerous !!!) or notebook liar. Last - in excess, "bullet casting" many trained superbly.

Personal belongings of the dead soldiers

As for the activities of the official search party (which is authorized to carry out the state of prospecting), then all the found weapons (and some ammo) is collected in a heap, sorted (trunk to trunk, the grenade to grenades, etc.) and is waiting in the wings. Then there come in the form of special people and identities. What can be dangerous - withdraw. Sometimes - bundles. I meet them for years. This they work. It is good that some control over what is happening there.

Two dark elongated penalchika - Red Army "suicide bombers". Next - tube, ammunition and grenades, a couple of coins. Lays everything on the curb for carrying a machine gun drives Degryarёva

In most cases, rusty pieces of iron are thrown deeper into the funnel or even of the "excavation" is not captured. As unnecessary. How else to use in the economy has passed through the bore artillery explosive projectile (caliber 203 mm, for example) legkovat. I personally have a projectile could not even raise, the more he and heavy, yet larger and heavier than me. Rusted through machine gun - and at all useless. Where to apply it? The only constant demand exists for military products from non-ferrous metals, there could be dragged into buying everything in a row hundreds of pounds from crumpled and punched fragments bowlers to bags burned in fires bullets with brass sleeves.

In a makeshift camp in the swamps

Of course, among the search engines has rapidly shrinking category of fools. Fools usually know all the best, confident dismantle any ammunition, any twist pliers shiny things and dragged to his home different "wood souvenirs", do not forget to brag to everyone around that they have "something of such things" there. Natural selection works for them too rapidly: a shell or a grenade designed to kill. And killed. Or pootryvat hands, the point is simple enough. I must say that even the people who ate the dog at any rare munitions are reluctant to approach the issue of "emasculation" of different piece of iron, for collection purposes, for example. It's just dangerous, without further explanation.

Bullets in their pockets and other exotic rusty once necessarily cause the interest of the relevant structures. And fans of the "move beyond a small amount of" Point of military-historical artifacts sooner rather than later, but get a lot of impressions from a change of scenery. On a more Spartan. Because you can not take things from the dead, will have to return someday ...

About this real looters and merchants complete collection weapon, standing mind-blowing money I did not mention - they have their own, apparently serious criminal business, which will not tell on TV ever. Well, I heard about it only fables, retelling that sense I do not see.

About the weather

Weather in May failed. Changing clothes at night, I realized at once and to begin put on his thermal underwear, T-shirt pulled over from a thick rope mesh long-sleeved sweater on. On sweater - camouflage jacket, and even on top of this - shabby, but very comfortable American M-65 with a warm lining. Sometimes, instead of M-65 dragged unloading with lots of pockets. On his head - Fleece Beanie (designated on the label for some reason as "cap number two") edakogo rollicking form (something between a peasant headdress ages 17-18 a la Russe and a porcelain mortar without handles) and a hood on his feet thermal socks, on top of them thick woolen socks, and even over - military-style boots that at any shit roam safely. In all this, except for shoes and slept.

The camp

You understand that the constant walking with a metal detector and shovel over rough terrain, followed by digging pits caused sweating and falling asleep "in full dress" in a sleeping bag freshness is added. So on the third day of city men began to smell just men. Application colognes and deodorants situation escalate.

I'm cold. Regretted that he did not bring termoperchatok, termovalenok with termokirzachami, termoushanki on dog fur and mobile sauna for rapid warming entrusted to me carcass

Water for all needs were taken from the river or marsh creek. Nothing special, except for the color and shrimps in it. Unaccustomed voditsa causes severe heartburn, but to this we were a few years ago prepared. Ate something in between soup and porridge, potatoes, stewed meat and pasta. As a delicacy could afford mashed potatoes with the same stew, garlic or onions. At every opportunity drank tea with lemon, which used all calibers and thermo containers. Accumulated over denmuzhikov ask twice to dine is not required, so that cracked in three throat!

There is a cooking

On the morning of the fifth of May, I woke up at six o'clock in the morning. In the tent was well, very cold, and that something is wrong. Legs in a sleeping bag quite otmёrzli, hands numb and did not move. Standing on all fours - looked out, purely in the television show "The camera looks into the world." It immediately became clear that this was not the case. At least the dress after waking up was not necessary, all morning predumyvalnye procedures were limited to vylezanija of the sleeping bag and stringing hood.

Morning May 5

Our modest shelter

Winter edge. How would idyll. And actually - kolotun and about 5:30 am. I could not sleep ...

My shoes

Shovel - each soldier!

Personally, I think it is - Shaped disgrace!

The next night was even colder and even without snow. So before sunrise, I gnarled fingers calloused bred campfire and kapyatil water from the river in a pot, and frantically dancing shaman tambourine folk ritual.



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