There is such a work: Seismic

Hello. I saw a couple of topics on the site about different professions and decided to share his.

So Seismic. Sea.

Will be 22 photos.

As we know, oil and gas, before the produce, must be found. That is what seismic companies, one of which I had to work.

Since the company is engaged in marine exploration, everything begins with the ship. Pictured support vessel working with telemetry buoys, which is the scientific equipment.

By buoys attached cable with recording equipment, which transmits signals from the geophones and hydrophones to the buoy and radio control recording quality.

Well, write a normal sound. Well, not quite normal, as reflected by the reservoirs of oil and gas located in the interior.

In the photo the ship, towing of such a source of sound: air "gun»

Usually ships performing similar work, specifically designed. For this purpose they are equipped with all necessary equipment, including compressors, able to pump the air up to 2000 PSI, which is the sound source results in a large acoustic surge, i.e. explosion.

It's much more humane method to fish than the explosion of dynamite. Even so, before starting work always being passive monitoring water for the presence of fish and mammals. Only when the operator gives a good environmentalist, begins soft start "guns", producing a sound wave.
It scares the fish and gives them enough time to leave the work area.

Of course, such work can not do without the permanent transfer of personnel between objects, which uses a special motor boat. This boat can accelerate up to 38 knots and is able to quickly deliver people, goods and medical aid.
Management of the boat is available to each employee when he passed relevant courses. To get on the course, enough to turn to their supervisor.

Part of the work involved in the preparation. It is necessary to bring all the equipment on the ship and install. Sometimes this work is pretty exhausting.

The photo shows the loading section of the bottom of the cable with the recording equipment. In 35 degree heat to carry 35 pound section of a couple dozen meters each - still the walk ...

On the ship, a cable is stored on the automated coils, which are controlled by hydraulics, and, ultimately, the operator at the time of their calculations on the seabed.

Of course, the process control and recording seismic data implies the presence of high-speed servers, working in tandem with the navigation equipment. Eventually the amount of data is so great that, except for its tape longer than to store and transport.

However, the installation of such equipment often requires the knowledge of employees is very versatile in computers and electronics.

It's not without incidents. Sometimes half a day to spend figuring out why there is no ground, and the casket is opened very simple ... After a psycho disassemble extender

After all collected, numbered and signed, you can start setting up and testing.

It takes a little care, or then break the head, trying to figure out why there is no signal from the sensor and "where this wire» ...

During setup, it happens, remember about the book ... When the ship is still no internet, it appears from the books, you can learn a lot!

Operators at work. Spend the ship on "profile" and supervise these navigation systems.

Mechanics also work there. Telemetry buoys powered by generators, which are installed inside the buoy. They should serve, or they do not come with all sorts of breakdowns.

View disclosed generator:

Well, where do without Russian ingenuity? Broke motor oil pump? It does not matter if there is an extra drill and duct tape! Russian people will always find a way out of a situation in which he himself, and set.

Before going to the sea need to go through a lot of various courses of survival in extreme conditions, man-made disasters and emergencies. And of course, medical training.

In the photo are trained sailors to leave the emergency landing on the water helicopter cabin which turned wave. Getting it is necessary to open the next window. All of the provisions of the "upside down" ... The standard - 2 minutes.

But it is not the work of a single man alive. There are also holidays. Like any vessel, here, too, revere the maritime tradition.

In the photo are a rite of passage in those sailors who crossed the equator for the first time. Neptune and his people devils scoff newcomers, making them jump through a lifeline until they pour from a fire hose.
All the action ends with drinking seawater and award diplomas.

There on the ship and holidays abdomen. Of course, when the leadership is coming, they can not feed chicken with rice: tables groaning with food.

But not all European food to taste. In Nigeria, we were accompanied by local security guards, kind of like protecting us from the pirates. To sense from them was not much, but from the European cuisine, they were bad. I had the chef ordered local ingredients and cook them separately. We have a hand and if taken, only with gloves. But the smell was such that we were ready to defend themselves from pirates, but this protection to us and was not there ...

On a photo of their delicacy - dried rat ... Strictly speaking, it may not be a rat, we did not understand ...

Of course, life in the sea is not without travel. Within a few years of such work have time to go just about anywhere and see almost everything.

Of course, not without reservation under the tropical sun and the beach under palm trees. Well, all work should be their bonuses

At the end I would like to say that after going a career from trainee to manager, really miss the sea and the romance of travel. Office work - well, just Groundhog Day.

Maybe I go back to sea again. Without it - nostalgia!

That's all I wanted to say. And what is your job?



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