Rules of life the right man!

I suggest to your court one of the "Rules of Life", published on the website of the magazine Esquire.

Vasily Ilyin. Pensioner, 67 years old, village Ryshkov, Kursk region:

I am a farmer natural. I had never worn a tie.

I do not like eggs city. They yolk as white as the Muscovites who travel by train to the south.

What a habit - to bathe every day? We do it simply was not. As a child, all went to the loose ground on his feet. Running barefoot in the mud, his legs did not wash. Cracked skin, itching, smeared with grease and then fled.

In seven years, I was shooting a gun. It came as a neighbor asked the screen. Tobacco is then sown, and the screen was one the whole village. I felt sorry for her and decided to screen it to scare. He asked to wait on the porch, and he went for his gun. Dostal, Science loaded. Out on the porch and fired. The neighbor was not, thank God, but broke off the bench, and the smoke went to the hut. My grandfather, as he saw, he found his father and beat him with his crutch.

Earlier in our country club and drove artists once even Jewish hypnotist. Now there is this.

I graduated from the Moscow State University, Department of Farm Machinery. Stands - Mirolyubovskoe State College of Agriculture Mechanization. Biennial. Here MGU my everything.

The mind comes only in 30 years, not before. But if 30 did not come already and not wait for it.

I may be rustic, but not what I scored quite scared to death. Learn What a fool not. So from me someone would be, of course. The school went bad. Oak oak walked.

In the village there are so few people that runs you naked, no one will notice.

Beating children - that's right. It is now impossible to touch the children - are rampant grow, and we flogged without asking twig was always at hand. And that always came.

Most of all in the century Lenin annoy us. To this day, no dick will not understand.

It is high time to drive from the Lenin Mausoleum. Dick he is not there to do. Too many funds spent on its maintenance. Ibid, and security, and clothing and shoes and everything. The staff is tremendous. Better to let them in orphanages transferred this money.

His work will not acquire a damn.

The door on the night I did not close. I have nothing to steal.

I would have made our rulers of Russian KrAZ cell for two, so would all the villages to carry and show: "Look, bastards that have done».

Every night before going to bed watching the news. As long as I know who stole many millions from Russia, not fall asleep.

I Katya (Andreev. - Esquire) without anger can not look.

They showed on TV once - homeless millionaire. Well, your mother, a millionaire tramp!

I remember, I was the composer Yan Frenkel - and Rostropovich. And so they went to the virgin lands, which mastered, with a concert. Club there was nowhere to put the piano. We make homemade scene. Rostropovich played the violin and the accordion Frankel. And after a while gets a fellow-tractor, suited to such Rostropovich and says, "Man, cast his balalaika, accordion forbid listen».

Save up money just greedy.

The restaurant - a dining room, a luxury only. There you can drink, smoke and falling in love. It seems to me so I never in his life he was not there.

Sausage became filthy. The taste - Australian kangaroo.

Half-civilized people in our village. One I found this civilized.

When serfdom peasants live better than today.

Rooster does not understand: he does not have a favorite, no wife. What caught, she and his.

Transsexuals. They called them the best woman with this device. And some impenetrable words.

Behind the wheel driving drunk., I come home, open the door - and fell. KatapultiByvalorovalsya. But before we reach the house always clearly and well. Once the food, and I was going to meet two cars. Here's how to break up? The left eye closed, there was one car - and excellent reflexes.

If a drunken woman, she seduce anyone.

Four years ago I was coded. In my youth I was not drunk, vyzhiral only on Fridays and Saturdays, as well as the retirement came, it washed down so that just do not scream robbery. Kids I was arrested and taken to the Kursk. I paid for it four thousand. They put us all the drunks in the audience read morality. He said another doctor, so we do not hide each other, all wanted to see. And then I was alone in the room, he put on me the crown and electricity blew in the head. It does not hurt at all. So I do not drink. Now, for me, a drunken fool natural. Just think, this is my will, not coding.

A wise woman is nothing. I would say that they are wiser than men several times. In any respect.

Since my grandmother fell ill, I - as a woman during the war: I have a horse, I and the bull, I'm a woman and a man.

Baranov I respect. And for meat, and so.

Where do you go from the village - everything from pop your nose, farm smell. I'm smelling farm.

Yesenin - it lovely. How exactly all notices. Russian man was and wrote in Russian. Not a bureaucrat. Poet from God. And the Communists have killed him and killed him, bitch.

Which means the hammer and sickle? Which character from the flag? Hell knows. Let them be better to hang a flag - a bear and a donkey. We would know what was happening.

The Russian people have scored, but cheerful.

Never in my life did not take anything to heart.

Across Russia, retirees with pensions set aside money for the funeral. And I did not save - I have nothing. But children will not leave the dead lying on the bench.

Our young soldiers of Zheleznogorsk killed in Chechnya, and power to the people collected money for the monument. Monument nothing to put our state. Oh, you bastards! Is a mockery. We gave their children to you, and you killed them, and you even money for the monument. That creature! I would like you to write in the magazine, but then I thought: "Why should I look for myself hemorrhoids?»

Devour the bastards. They will say: "Smart found, huh?" Send the police and killed in the hell they are right always.

I am not afraid of anything. Fear comes only when going to do something bad. I did not do a bad life, to me he did not come.

I had a goal in his youth - to live better than people. From dawn to dusk it was half a century. So it has not reached.

I would like to see the sea, I do not know only as.

When winter want bread zalezesh in the snow on the eggs.

We will always be regarded as cattle.

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