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Welcome YaPovtsev! I do not know, need-whether the topic, but maybe someone come in handy. Honestly - he ofigel when did this procedure. I did not think, do not guess ... Almost two years ago (the end of December), my old car refused to start. The starter briskly cool, but ... no luck. My first thought - the belt! Belt. Unscrew the front cover of the mechanism that closes the belt - alive. He twirled and looked. A starter so cheerfully direct cool.
My first thought - the ignition!
Second - phase.
Third - the fuel supply.
Candles and BB wires this morning changed. What the ...
Nifiga with central (I timer) is Iskra, twisted candles - everything is there. Iskra, I mean.
I looked phase pancake. All is well.
I climbed into the gasoline pump.
Come to the "benzo"))) In this machine the tank is at the back of the sofa back and access it from both sides - the back (of the luggage) to the fuel level sensor and from the passenger compartment - to the fuel dispensing pump. Enough is enough! Pump vsmysle. Denso. Beautiful. Two wiring to the battery - BJJ ... And - silence. Dead. Clear. Approximately so it looks like:

The thing to NY and I have the car is worth. In order to carry the new pump - 10-11 January holidays. Here is one good man wrote: you go to the store and ask for spare parts in the fuel pump 2110 damn! Solder connectors - ehay and more! Hmm. Okay. I went to the store and bought the cheapest gasoline pump for 10s.
For 500-something rubles ponyu not exactly, but - I have been waiting here such kofuz:

Yes, it is outside the parameters of the solution, but ... a broken fitting. It Zvezdec. And, I just tried to put on the fitting tube ... and nafig.
This is so, for comparison:

Characteristics kagby coincide. Connectors should be slightly modified. Not a problem.

Looking at the broken union ... (and in fact through gasoline figachit) I went by one gasoline pump. And I met BOSHC. Not a fan, but obliges the brand, right? Yes, again 10 shny gasoline pump.
Here they are: sdohshy "nativeĀ» Denco, Unnamed and Bosch (from right to left)

The connectors are not the same. Okay, take pliers, and "we clean" provda


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No spark will not. Bang too.
Why all this? Just because! Spare parts for cars ochetestvennyh made for cars, too. :) And vice versa.

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