The child is paid for a broken toy

In Velikobitanii five year old girl sent a note to the store and two pounds sterling in compensation for being smashed on the trading floor Christmas toy. Note 3 December looked like:

"Excuse me, I broke Christmas ball on Saturday. It cost two pounds. Here's the money for it. Once again I'm sorry. Faith, five years. " Money secured with tape to the strip of colored paper, which is glued to the letter.

According to the shop at the weekend in a shop there was a large influx of visitors, so broken Christmas decorations turned out quite a lot, and now identify the toy that hurt Faith, is no longer possible. Staff John Lewis said that was extremely touched by the message of the girls, and expressed the hope that they will be able to establish its identity.

Cambridge Twitter users have joined the campaign to search for Faith, placing in his microblog posts with the hashtag #findfaith (# naytifeyt). In the event that there is a girl, the store promised to give her something of its range.


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