Story with a happy ending!

Photos buyer Xbox One for $ 750 presented a new console and returned the money.

Recently, we published the news about a young father Peter Kletvorti who really wanted to buy the Xbox One my four-year-old son for Christmas, but was the victim of "divorce" on eBay, pay $ 750 not at the very top box, but for her picture on the sheet format A4.

The history of 19-year-old Briton has touched not only the many Internet users, but also directly to the people working in the retail game. Management of the local distribution network CeX, which, as we all do, just to find out what had happened from the World Wide Web, has decided to give Peter a new console. Receiving a gift, grateful man promised myself that I would never and nothing will buy virtual auctions.

Around the same time, eBay has been the consideration of the complaint on the case and compensate Kletvorti spent on a piece of paper $ 750 in full. Thus, the victim and the Xbox One received a gift from CeX, and their hard-earned money back. Well mislead consumers Network Seller forever banned.

"Just amazed reaction to my story! I just wanted to return the money ... I can not believe! "- Said in an interview with Peter The Nottingham Post.



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