The money for the film about Egor Letov

Kraudfandingovaya campaign to raise money to create the documentary "Civil defense. Home »achieved the stated goal.

● Less than a month it took out to collect the necessary 970,000 rubles. Fans of the group listed in support of the project as small contributions, and a very significant amount - just three participants made 100 thousand rubles. Among the items that will go to those who supported the campaign, - an invitation to the premiere, the movie poster, a mention in the credits and autograph of Egor Letov.

● «My friends, we are done. Thanks a lot. Thank you for your trust, for your time and for your help. Everything will be "- appealed to all participants of the campaign's widow Yegor Letov and bassist" Civil Defense "Natalia Chumakov.

Natalya launched the campaign on Dec. 2, 2013. "We have about 300 hours of material - footage and archival - she wrote. - Talk to people - those who had been with GO then, and those who came later. There are a chronicle -Sometimes such that it is not known where and what it was removed. From all this we gather the film one and a half hours. All that could be done for free and the home, we did. Now you need to mount the film, pull the picture and sound ».

After a week on account of the project turned out to be half of the amount requested, and work on the installation of the film began. The producer of the tape became director Boris Khlebnikov ("Koktebel", "Until the day do us part", "long and happy life"). The working title of the painting - "Civil Defense Begins." Its premiere will take place in the autumn of 2014, marking the fiftieth anniversary of Egor Letov, who died in 2008.

● In the near future, the participants worked on the film the creative team promises to tell more about the project and the results of the campaign.



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