How much does die?

How much does die in Moscow?

How much does die? Fasting is not a lot of sad but there's a lot I do not reveal business baryg grave as well as some of the prices for burial in the capital.
So in late 2012 about 3 o'clock in the morning bell rings, reported the death of a sibling years he was at death of 32, he lived apart from us on the reported death of his girlfriend, a man just fell asleep and did not wake up ... All in a stupor and shock , then followed by another call, the phone was saying a police officer and asked to come to the apartment with a passport in order to formalize what that document, to which I said that the documents of the dead to yourself what actually needs someone else from the family? In response, I was told that such a procedure is come! As it later turned out, it was zamanuha, arrived at the apartment, I saw an open door was the kitchen where lay the body of my brother but already covered, and go to the living room were two policemen with grim his girlfriend and another man in civilian clothes. At first I thought that this is what is opera or someone else, but it was a ritual agent ...
With the move ... I was given a paper at first I thought that signing the protocol, but as it turned out, I signed a contract with MGUP RITUAL (this firm monopoly in Moscow as well as Russian Railways in Russia). Agent with all the acting skills showed their sympathy further suggested choose to place the coffin and other paraphernalia. I said that without the parents I do it will not be what the answer was that we should go now. I asked to move all in the morning, but the agent said that a lot of nuances and need to do right now, so that after fitting it will go immediately to obtain a death certificate and without it is not possible to do it and if I do not then I will do it at least a week, he simply me spread, but again when I was a little worried I might sign anything.
Once home while it was five o'clock in the morning almost father stuck directory with mnogochislinymi coffins, crosses, and katafalok, everything happens as if we were buying the kitchen, the agent said with interest what are the coffins with material that they have updated katafalok park and other amenities funeral at this stage, at a cost of coffins from 1500 expenses were such
 - 16 000r coffin
 - Cross 1500R
 - Escort services agent 10 000r
 - Embalming (dully lit buried on day 3) 15 000r
 - Machine Mercedes Sprinter 10 000r
 - Costume makeup about 10 000r
+ He left the list that you want to transfer to the morgue towels soap razor that there was more.
Getting up in the morning 2 days prior to the funeral, I decided to find a place for commemoration, having come to the restaurant where there is a banquet hall, asked for the administrator, the lady came to her with a smile, I described the situation to which she asked me -You agent? to which I replied -No I need just pohorogit brother (honestly I almost burst into tears at this point), she understood everything and shoved me commemorative menu. I discuss prepay for 30 people without alcohol came 50 000r
Next cemetery we cremated the body and there is already hooked connection place in a columbarium in the center of Moscow, we bought a 40 000r starting price there begins to word 90 000k ...

Day of the funeral

And then came that one of the saddest days of my life when you need to carry out a loved one on his last journey, but that's not the end of the orgy, having arrived at a specified time in the morgue, I just ahuel, as expected in all state institutions, queued on corpses !!! coffins are right along the wall and I went sought out among grandparents his coffin, but he was carried away later. While out on a smoke break in the passage were pale Muslims and agent rubbed why so expensive balzamatsiya, On the eve of my father asked that people who will make the coffin were in suits, it still cost me 2000P (brought in 20 seconds by the way)
Next, after the issuance of the body, we went to the cemetery to the crematorium, then my nerves were already on the wane, before the ritual took me to my father that I paid 6500r 5 minute speech + music 200p and 40p for each candle. and went to the supermarket bins in the truest sense of the word, took the urn there were from 1000 and up to 100 000r took very nearly as cheap anyway it immure + 1500R


A few days after the cremation my father came for ashes, while I was standing in line and rereading what discounts do for burial teenagers listened to several scandals, people's nerves were frayed and the staff behaved as if were not issued a notice dust on demand. Waiting for their turn to dust I oblamalsya is not given if not bought a place in the cemetery (that is, you can not dispel the ashes in the ocean if you have not bought the place) !!! I had to go to the cemetery to get help and come back. Arriving at the cemetery, I found the local gravediggers and asked to do the engraving, on what I have been told that the work of the dam, although they sat drinking tea and watched what that show on TV. BUT for a double fee, they will do me for 2 days in the end I got one letter in the 400r. + marble engraving stood around 14k

In the end, with all the nuances I spent about 190 000r not lush but not the most disgraceful funeral. Who would say that you could save a lot of where but when you are able to fog on the money you do not care ...

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