As I taught the cat to the toilet

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I decided to write about the process of accustoming my cat Martin to the toilet, but rather how it is elementary to do.
To do this, typing in Yandex request and passed on the first link, watch the video and reading the reviews, booked just such Pribluda.

Will be 16 photos.

To begin to remove the old tray and poured filler "device". I put it on the spot where stood the old tray so the cat does not experience stress and privyknul a new toilet.
Filler "Barsik crystal," read part of the Internet, so do not worry for blockages.

The device is placed near the site of the future of the bathroom.

The time has come and the cat went on his little business. First, a little without entering the changes, but oriented to the smell began to dig as usual filler.

After a while he sat down to think, thus confirming the success of the 1st stage of schooling.

So tray lay 5 days, the cat is used to. Then came the second stage. It was the most stressful, as shown by my practice.
It was carrying a tray on the toilet itself. To do this, the seat is raised, put the tray and the seat is lowered.

Cat habitually went to the toilet and began to broadcast from there - Where is the toilet?
I had to help him and show where to move. Drag it to the toilet, he felt something familiar smell of filler, but not in any way wish to make their case.

But as they say, nature took its toll. Ponyv and run around the apartment, he still knew that from him is necessary. He jumped on the tray, and make their case.
It is worth mentioning here that, from the time we put into the toilet priuchalku, we have started to experience some discomfort with the processes of physiology. Since each time had to be removed and put back. It was also a lot of filler on the floor next to the toilet, but the result was worth it habituation. Continue ...

Somewhere in 5 days, when the cat finally got used to nesting in the toilet and began to cut out circles. This is the basis of addiction, as gradually increasing the space makes the cat to get used to.

It took another 5 days

When the hole in the device by inserting became friendly paw, the cat immediately began to wonder what there is. Thus still getting used to the smell of human toilet.

Painting filling device with liquid during the day. Filling naturally cleans the hole, wash immediately into the bowl and poured the new at the end of the day.

Another 5 days getting used to. At this time, something went wrong and I cut instead of one on the plan as much as 2. Since the material is some kind of thick fragile plastic was a bit uncomfortable to cut. But nothing terrible has happened - the cat had not noticed, and stocks continued their campaigns, even developed posture toilet.

Another 5 days. And come the stage where there is already nothing to cut and can only be further dismantled, but do not throw away. In case if the cat did not immediately kerf. But in my experience, it is already used to doing things in a pose and precarious. He was connected with an interest in this process.

It took 5 days, and I put the device to the balcony, waiting for the outcome of my experiments. 3 days could not understand he wrote there or not, walked through the apartment, and suddenly sniffing already somewhere in the spare spot fouls. All this went on until, when night in the dark, I heard gurgling in the toilet. I went, and there he sits and enjoys the process. Schooling was easy and fast. He started at the beginning of January to the end of the cat has gone down the toilet.



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