How like Oleg and "Hellas" in Nizhny Novgorod

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Recently, the mayor of the city Oleg Sorokin confirmed data 1, 4 billion rubles of income received by his wife Eladio Sermon in 2012.

Initially, the wife of an official refused to disclose this information. But the information posted in the open access on one of the city portals.

Oleg Sorokin himself confirmed the nearly 1, 5 billion of income of his wife, but then he said that we should also take into consideration that the family Sorokin loans for 1, 3 billion rubles. This remark Nizhny Novgorod mayor did not to "cry the blues," as he himself put it, and for the objectivity of perception.

It is noteworthy that, when it comes to billions of rubles, it should be clearly understood that these amounts - income spouse Sorokin. The very same mayor of Nizhny Novgorod, being a servant of the people, received 37,620 rubles per month. Given the fact that from October 1, 2013 his salary increased. It turned out that the family is not the only Sorokin in Russia, where the wife of an official is much more income than he servant of the people ...

On motives of the story 17 February 2014 on the facade of a building on the main square of the city, and there was an inscription typical content



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