Russia's enemies are sitting in the Kremlin, not in Washington.

Dear proud of their country, Russians!

It so happened that in the last few days I have had several conversations with people who are "hoarse" arguing with me 13-14 years ago, and now tell me that I was right. I like to be right, but I did not want and do not want to be right about this. Most probably, sad for me the conversation took place yesterday. The man I love and respect for a long time, with great sadness (and pain?) Told me that I was right. He left in 2001 (?) Of a prosperous America rising Russia. Because it is his country and he really wanted her to pick up. I told him that all the chances have been wasted, and that Putin will soon tighten the screws, and all will go to the new "Soviet" range, but less powerful. I then came to this conclusion on the simple grounds that Putin - KGB officer and proud of it. I actually know nothing else, and it was not necessary. Do you understand? At the head of your country should git proud of belonging to the organization of the bloodiest in the history of mankind. Are you proud of him.

Another friend of mine said today that it has phantom pain in Russia. Russian Communists destroyed a second time, as they have already destroyed it in the 20th century. However, they also said that "Russia is threatening the West." West? Really? This West destroyed millions of Russian peasants? Of course not. This West destroyed the Russian army, and Hitler had to meet unarmed? No, of course. All this made the Communists. Again, the West was against Hitler at a time when the Communists were for him ... Why am I all that. And the fact that Russia's enemies are sitting in the Kremlin, not in Washington.

And so do not call my friends (I do not care what you call me) Russia's enemies or people without a sense of homeland. They are protesting against Putin's fascism precisely because they love Russia. It is you - the enemies of Russia. It's your fault happens in Russia another catastrophe.
(You went to war. The war is not with the United States. With Ukraine.)
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