The greens are grown for profit in greenhouses.

After viewing the theme decided on the creation of his post, the essence is the same, but in large quantities. In this case, the greens are grown for profit in the greenhouse.

Will be about 53 pictures.

There are three greenhouses in the economy of such a plan.

Greenhouses are covered film, but the photo was not saved. Digging the earth, do ridge.

We get out of the basement onion, and begin to plant. By the way turnip grown for planting as well on their own.

Sadim imprison


Continue)) Inet slow Sori

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As can be seen onions and red and normal

Sadim and sadim, not a quick process as it may seem at first glance

The photo father


Dosazhivaem onion, water, cover, turn on the heating at night, turn off during the day, as the sun under the film and so warm. Go to the next greenhouse and prepare ridge.

Making the ridge

Sadim here ... I think the bow? And here and there, radishes! there must be a variety of ...

Pour ...

The first watering by hand watering can, as the ground is loose and after the pump will wash away all the seeds

Close and go to the third greenhouse ... While preparing the ground in the third greenhouse, look at the first ?! Left under the arches Tomato seedlings that will live in this greenhouse after the bow ...

Punched sprouts ...

Beauty ...

Let's look to the radishes have sprouted ... ... By the way, at the beginning of the first landing on the street greenhouses mid-March and are snowdrifts, and we sunbathe in shorts))

lyapota ...

The third greenhouse, so to speak, it advanced, a skeleton of steel pipes, in the middle of nothing prevents


Further work on the old scheme, as long as the first poproveduem ...

skip a couple of weeks, there is nothing interesting, watering and ventilation ...

Here he is handsome, almost ready for harvest

The third greenhouse, because they do not have enough onions for planting, sowing the half radishes ...
Different levels of long pen is specially bided his time, and that if fit all in time will Atata

So when the machine is operated watering onion root and radish in compacted earth

Radishes grow

Here's a closer

How to cut the onions, a colleague you already showed, so I will not, will ship in boxes and on the scales hang in bunches of 50-70 kilogram and gram in the "shrinkage┬╗


How many here ?!



And so there is loads ...

Thus here, by the way at that time which was captured on this photo was taken of 500 kg

Waste production

After weeks of cleaning in the greenhouse remains ...

Also grow tomatoes))

And how fares radishes ?! but so!

Here she reds !!! By the way radish sadim Dutch varieties, especially for heifers

Photos of finished radishes not found, so in words, clean, done in bundles of 12-13 stuff, loads in bags of 100 beams loaded in the car and for sale.
There will be a couple of photos.
More photos greenhouses

This miracle of a heated room, working on gas.
This ended. After harvesting onions and radishes, comes the time of dill, parsley, cilantro, tomato, potato, onion, landing next year, as well as birds pig, but that's another story, the results can be done by the end of June more photos and lay out new post. All good, eat greens))
P.S. Grown only natural products chemistry 0, and almost forces a family of 4 people

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