Tomatoes for the Northwest: the best varieties for the Leningrad region

"Love apples" — so called tomatoes are still a hundred or two hundred years ago in Russia and in Europe. So these "apples" was brought to Russia from South America, the continent with the hot and humid climate. They are sun plants loving warmth and light. And in the northwestern district of the Russian Federation air temperature clearly differs from the desired breeding of southern plants.

Output, of course, exist. Domestic breeders bred varieties of tomatoes, which can grow and bear fruits in regions with cooler climate. Not to say that there are special tomatoes for the North-West, the best varieties are common to regions with cool winters and short summers.


Features of "special" tomatoes

It is safest to grow seedlings of tomatoes in heated greenhouses. But not everyone has such opportunities. In this case, it is possible to plant plants in the "cold greenhouses" that successfully done and brings good harvests. You can also plant seedlings in the ground but cover with the cling film, creating the so-called the cover film.

In any case, for the Northern regions to select tomato varieties for cultivation in greenhouses. You need to pay attention to early maturing varieties (short vegetation period), so that the tomatoes have time to ripen before the cold snap. It is not necessary to hope for a miracle and try to grow the large-fruited varieties. For ripening these tomatoes need lots of light, sun and heat, every summer for them to be successful even in the southern regions.

Seedlings grown in the traditional way. Definitely two weeks before planting in the ground make pots with plants to fresh air and leave them for hardening. Thus it is possible to increase resistance to temperature extremes that will be important for cool summer.

To increase the resistance of plants need to pay attention to fertilizing and fertilizer, as the land in the greenhouse, and the soil in which to grow seedlings. Fertilize it three times instead of two, as for ordinary planting in warmer regions. Third time to feed should be at the beginning of the fruiting solution of water with chicken manure and urea (in a bucket of water, take a half-liter jar of manure and a spoon of urea). Each plant should be 1 – 1.5 solution.

Remember that tomatoes do not like heavy clay and acidic soil, so be sure to prepare the soil for planting: it should be loose and airy.

Tomatoes for the Northwest: the best varieties

Consider the tomatoes offered by seed producers is Leningrad, the Hermitage, Ygrande, Cottager, Fox, cornet, Nevsky.

Tomato Leningrad – it's an early variety that is best grown in a greenhouse or under the film. Begins to ripen in early July. Bushes medium high up to 80 cm. average, but sweet, ideal for salads and for preservation.

Tomatoes for the Leningrad region varieties Hermitage early-maturing, salad. Shrub up to 1 m, requires garters. The fruits are small (100 g), rounded, elongated shape.

Variety of Ygrande is also an early variety with a short growing season. Tomatoes round shape, tasty, weighing 80 – 100 g. the Variety displays good yield and resistance to diseases.

Cottager is an interesting option that you can try to grow in open ground because of the simplicity. Low shrub, garters is not required. The fruits are suitable for canning, salads, one can make juice, delicious. Weight from 50 to 100 g Based on reviews of experienced gardeners you can get a good harvest.

Tomatoes for the Leningrad region varieties of the Fox – fast-maturing, grown under cover or in greenhouses. Bush average height of 1 m. the Fruit can be expected by the end of July. They reach a weight of 120 g, firm, sweet taste. It is possible to preserve.

Tomato cornet is considered to be ultra early. A low shrub to 50 cm, the plants do not require pinching. The fruit is delicious and juicy, medium size (100 g). There is good disease resistance.

Nevsky is a dwarf variety, super early (the vegetative period of 100 days). Good productivity. Recommended for planting in the non-Chernozem zones. Resistant to defeat the blight. Tomatoes are small round, averaging 50 g, but tasty. The variety has good fruits set has been registered. published

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