Signed bags 2014

Remembering shows spring-summer 2014 involuntarily come to mind vivid and unforgettable bags that identified the nature of most shows. This iconic accessories that will definitely be remembered if not for its originality, the versatility and intricate, if not, the charming simplicity.


These bags - unconditional first place. This show was a landmark with whatever side you look: the last work Roselli Giardini, the twentieth anniversary of fashion designer in office and the 30th anniversary of the brand. All this resulted in a big, spectacular show with elements of surprise and really original and catchy ideas.

After this spring-summer 2014 show another brand under the leadership of designer will never be the same. So comfortable clutches for every taste: «Bad girl» and «Good girl» cost to buy and maintain at least the memory of this great speech and of the brand Moschino, as we see it today. And even if we discard some legendary events, these black and white leather clutches for good (and not) girls still deserve your attention.

And these comfortable and stylish backpacks to trendy bright red:

But first bag Jeremy Scott on the show fall-winter 2014-2015 also were not in the side. Bags-parody of McDonald's and a classic Chanel quilted in a bright red-and-yellow combination has become the dream of many fashionistas. Many do not get so bright against the experiment this spring. Immediately after the show at the Milan Fashion Week, they are on sale in a few well-known boutiques, plus a lot of activity recorded in the waiting lists that would boast a purse next season. To add a custom accessory designers are advised to cover for the phone in the form of a cup with fries.

+ Bright biker miracle of predosenney collection:


Trend metallic bag from the brand as a good in and of themselves and as part of the history of the brand JIL SANDER. The fact that the spring-summer 2014 was the farewell show for the designer, whose name is a brand. German several times already left his mark the same, then returned, but this spring apparently left her forever. Autumn-winter collection went under the name Gil, but without her.


The final collection of Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton was dedicated to the women who inspired the master of fashion. In the same spirit it was created and advertising company, which was attended by well-known actress Catherine Deneuve, Sofia Coppola, model Gisele Bundchen, Caroline de Maigret and Edie Campbell ... They opened the spectacular show and on display SS14.

Simplicity in design, discreet colors and iconic bag Noe bag in a huge number of options - became hallmarks of a farewell show. This season, the bag was named NN Show Girl. Let me remind you that the legendary model was created back in 1932 by Gaston Louis Vuitton (grandson of the famous Louis) to order champagne producers who needed an elegant way to transport bottles.


The success of Marco Zanini at his new post the design is absolutely deserved. Since the first of January show outfits and accessories design earned him a standing ovation, and the spring collection is available to women of fashion this spring.

Volume sacs of lacquer, bright skin with asymmetrical locks and short, sturdy handles option is deceptively simple and classic. One has only to look at the stylish design of handbags and small volume the best detail as soon becomes clear why it became so successful Marco himself. His models in black, gold, white, scarlet and bronze shades - not all available, but such attractive luxury.


Last summer it was reported that the designer of the brand Emma Hill is leaving his post. Nevertheless, she managed to present to the world their latest, spring-summer collection 2014, which the person has become a model Cara Delevingne.

The flat rectangular briefcases, clutch bags and rucksacks made of leather will remain the last reminder of the fruitful work for the benefit of the brand Emma. Romantic and soft white, red and floral compact handbag - the best choice this spring, comfortable and stylish at the same time.


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