Great ideas for your home (25 photos)

In order to make your home more comfortable and cozy, it is not necessary to invest a lot of money. Sometimes even a little effort you can achieve excellent results. Evidence can be found below:

Electrical outlets in drawers help to avoid unnecessary clutter on the desk

Such a small table in a semi-toilet allows you to use space more efficiently

Tile, changes color with heat - just curious idea

Instead of one of the drawers can be placed with a roll of paper towels

For false compartment can be hidden electrical outlet

Shelf-niche stretching along the long corridor can be very handy

Folding dryer will save precious space

Dutch door will allow to monitor the children without resorting to a special children's barriers

This solar lamp will give an opportunity to use natural sunlight

Toilet seat, designed for all family members

If the garage and the kitchen of your house shares a wall, make a small door to make it easier to unload products

Use reflective tape that mimics the surface of stainless steel to give the kitchen a more expensive form of

Electrical outlets may be inserted into the bottom surface of the kitchen drawers

For storage of spices, cans and bottles in the kitchen is convenient to use here are retractable shelves

These nurseries are connected by small "tunnels"

Folding bed in the nursery - a great way to save space for the game

A narrow, almost no space storage cabinet household trifles

On the stairs, too, can be comfortably

Chandelier on the porch - and why not?

Hide kitchen appliances behind sliding doors

Kitchen cabinets as hidden chopping boards

The bottom drawer can be adapted to the needs of family members is not enough high

Stools that do not take up space in the kitchen

In rooms without windows looks great mirror tiles

Turn the countertop in place to keep something


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