The extraordinary dedication

Argentinian Miguel Guzman (Miguel Guzman), the owner of a German Shepherd named captain, died in 2006. Immediately after his death, the dog ran away from home to the cemetery, and for six years now refuses to leave the tomb owner.

A unique case of canine loyalty to the Argentine media reported. Miguel Guzman bought the dog for his son Damian, but the dog was soon acknowledged master of the Miguel. A year after the appearance of Captain Miguel died, and when his family returned from the funeral, the dog house is not found.

Family Miguel just a week after the loss of a dog found the captain sitting on the grave of his master, when a relative went to remember. According to them, the dog whined plaintively, one might even say crying and it was obvious that he committed heartbroken. Since then, he hardly ever departs from the tomb owner, rarely leaving the cemetery to stretch your legs.

We never took him to the cemetery, widow -udivlyaetsya Miguel -perfect not understand how dog found his way there. Once we found it, he went home with us, but soon turned back again and ran to the tomb. Such a strange feeling that he did not want to leave his master one night ...

According to the owner of the cemetery Bassegi Hector (Hector Baccega), dog day mostly kept near the grave sometimes walks on the territory, but always goes to sleep on the grave owner. It feeds the cemetery workers.


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