Super "Dad."

Seen once in the case of a bus.
We went to stop a young girl, a boy of three years and women under fifty dollars: Mother, son and grandmother. Do not be confused.
We sat down near me: woman with a child on your lap - at the window, Grandma aisle. Boy looking out the window, his finger on the glass leads. The woman has taken an independent view, young mother - absent and a little tired.
 - Ma, look, like my dad car!
Pause and dissatisfied fidgeting grandmother.
The kid is still so cool to say childish, lisping and crackled. But I could not pass because the more to write. Probably everyone knows how to tell the children.
 - Ma, and that Dad's car?
 - No, it's another uncle's car.
 - Why is it aunt?
Grandmother snorts. Mom just smiles.
 - So, this is aunt's car.
 - Where's my father's car?
Grandmother grunts something like "Oho-ho." Imagine that tomorrow the weekend, as you said, have to be at work. Introduce yourself and say, "Oho-ho." That's how it is.
 - In the garage.
This mummy is responsible. A grandmother grins: Ah!
Pause for thirty seconds - kids probably are not capable of more.
 - Mom and Dad when will?
 - Dad is working. He once.
 - And the night also works?
 - And at night, too.
 - So it is that you do not sleep?
 - Of course, sleeping. Everybody sleeps. - Then why did he do to you is not sleeping?
The short triumphant laugh I have become an unpleasant and awkward grandmother ulybka- aside - a young mother.
 - Dad is busy.
 - Mom, let's find dad. I'm the daddy missed. Mom and Dad on you missed?
Grandma turned to the kid and started rearranging his jacket.
 - Genia, Dad did not come. Dad found another aunt.
 - Mom!
This is an angry and some cry of a wounded girl. Grandma - all the triumph and independence.
And then the guy sitting in front of twenty-five turns to the boy, ignoring his aunt.
 - Big Brother, because your name is Eugene?
Confused and collected face to face upcoming patsanenok roar of disbelief looks at the guy, pressed against her mother, and so quietly:
 - My name is Eugene.
Guy happily grins and holds a big hand with whipped knuckles:
 - Then, hello! My name is Dima.
Little Jack presses the cam chest and frightened looks at the hands of a new acquaintance. Grandmother exudes suspicion and disgust, my mother - something like bewilderment and embarrassment, but not as a book of pictures and as it turns out I have to say - a light touch, you know?
 - And I love you, brother, all looking for. We are working with your dad. Here, you see - he hands the boy left hand, where the knuckles are fresh scars - I was hurt, and he works for me. He really missed you, but we have an aunt, boss angry, do not let him go. He gave me your address, asked for a gift to send, when I lost the address. Excuse me, Zhenyok, it happened. You're not angry with me?
Boy with interest looking at a new acquaintance, kicked the back of the front seat.
 - Where's the gift? -zastenchivo And quietly he asks.
 - Here you go, - man holds a glossy magazine with cars.
Jack grabs and holds to his chest magazine, and her aunt, grandmother contempt and anger opens his mouth, apparently intending to say something.
 - Shut your mouth of a bitch while I swept your head off, - speaks the boy softly, but so that each letter dangling bites into silence. Only one boy fascinated by the magazine and hears nothing.
The guy gets up, pushing pomertvevshih passengers broad shoulders, his way to the exit.
 - So far, Zhenyok! - Is the exit he shouts patsanenku.
Zhenek already fascinated by the magazine, looking absently Dima eyes and waving his hand.
In the eyes of a young mother with tears. Grandma embarrassed coughs, but by condemning the views of others does not dare say anything.
Trinity came out before I stop at three. Kid gripped my father's gift and have chatted with her mother about all sorts of nonsense. Grandmother, as far as I could see, was silent.
Hopefully, silent until now.



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