Dear residents of the Crimea!

< Jan Fioletov

In no way do not claim to ultimate truth. Moreover, I believe that if you hate us so much, that give you the right to care - our sacred duty. I am very sorry that we were suddenly to you Bandera, Nazis and fascists. This was somewhat surprising, but, as I understand it, you are well acquainted with the definitions of fascism, Nazism, National Socialism, Bolshevism, National Bolshevism, etc., etc.. In general, decided that we would not suit you, and your homeland on the other side of the Kerch Strait and all of the above there are no political movements. Tatars, however, do not agree with you, but they have a heavy historical experience. Why listen to them, right?
I will not dissuade you. Everyone chooses for themselves, is not it? Short circuit, half-empty bowl - but at home. In principle, you can understand. It would be desirable, as the author of the novel-warning, write a few lines about the possible developments. In no case did not want anything bad Crimea. Let all come true and you will be in the rivers of milk and honey under the Russian tricolor.

As we all know - there peninsula of Crimea. On the one hand it has the sea, on the other hand stepmother Ukraine. With it, he, like the umbilical cord is connected by an isthmus. Through the Isthmus of Crimea receives fresh water, electricity, immediately pass highway and railway. Practically, this is the only connection to the mainland peninsula, with the exception of the Kerch ferry.
So - water, electricity, road and rail links. Nobody is going to cut the umbilical cord, but you leave the camp, forgive an enemy who has annexed part of our territory. You will not be surprised if our relationship will be deliberately market. This, in turn, means that all of these resources will be costly.
How this will affect the life of Crimeans? It is more expensive - the correct answer.

Expensive everything - from utilities to the goods in the markets. Will Russia alleviate the situation? Maybe. But it will be expensive and take a long time. Not a year or two - more. Construction of the bridge - five years, if you strongly to try and abundant fund. Suppose cable can be thrown on the seabed. Water delivered by tankers. Expand ferry. But it's not even half-measures.
What will happen to the banks? Ukrainian banks in which you store the contributions? Suggests they leave the Crimea. They were forced to leave. Some of them will try to give you money, and some just can not do it. Instead, they will enter the Russian? Right. But they will need time to organize the work in the system. This solves the crisis, but the loss means inevitable.
An interesting question with facts, we pensiyami.De with Russia at war, de jure - still the type of friends. But after the annexation of the Crimea relations sink into oblivion. I'm not saying that they will sink and your retirement program, but all the documents will have to re-arrange. How long it will take, because to collect certificates in the country of the enemy, which are at war, dealing heavy and not fast.
And yet - the re-registration of ownership of movable and immovable property, the replacement driver's licenses, licenses, permits, land acts ... Even car plates should be replaced.
I understand that all this stuff. You're very eager to get into Russia - welcome. Ask a new law of the Russian Federation on the delivery of apartments for rent. Rejoice. As I understand it, in the Crimea - it is one of the most popular types of businesses? Was.
Do you have wealth - ports. But ports - a place of transshipment. It is not self-sufficient - we need the land routes to be cut abroad. This means that the ports will be suitable only for military bases and acceptance of goods for the domestic market. Not very profitable project.
Shelf - oil and gas. It is doubtful if the current dispute. Perhaps, but it is doubtful and very, very expensive.
Now for the upcoming season.
What do you think will go there now in the Crimea Ukrainian average holidaymaker?
My answer is - no. And so we are less likely to be in the Crimea because of poor service and exorbitant prices. Come mainly out of season - to breathe. Infrastructure on the peninsula was created in Soviet times, stepmother, Ukraine including. But no normal network nor sewage nobody paved. Technically difficult, almost impossible. Therefore, drains go to the sea, far out to sea before now (pipes rotted) very close to the shore, up to three hundred meters. Children were sick, sick adults - so we gave up a summer vacation in the Crimea.
Now it is the territory nonpotential opponent. We replace the Russians? The border on the E65, the border zone, crossings, many kilometers of queue - in the short term, expensive food (and what to do? Mode!), Water schedule, stabbed ferry ... Who wants to holiday-related such charms?
Why? There Sochi, Gelendzhik, Greece, Turkey, Egypt, India - Resorts without a headache, with cheap accommodation, delicious and cheap food and drink ball. What do you think, how old it is necessary to change the infrastructure of the coast? Even with powerful injection of Russia? 5? 10? A skilled work force? Not sloths who give holiday-apartments and spetsy able to reform the Crimea? Hire others, worth the money, and the money should have. Again in Russia? Ok. We do not object. We - the stepmother. Russia - the mother. But the mother - not a cash cow.
Tell me when the season starts in the Crimea? And when will this year? And what will you live in the fall? In the spring? Winter? What if next summer and, God forbid? .. Five years will live in Priyma? Will there be enough fat reserves? With empty sanatoria, rest houses, camp sites and clinics and with no prospect of it all filled? You were in Abkhazia, Crimeans expensive? Athos, Gudauta, Sukhumi, Gagra? Go you enjoy.
You - a part of our country. Maybe not the best in the world, but your as well. Here you are at home. Born, grew up, learned the same here. Perhaps not everything went smoothly in our life together, but even in the family is not always all good.
You decided to divorce. Do not ask for a divorce, and a scandal involving a drunk aggressive neighbor, broken furniture, beat pots and slam the door. Your right. But with such a divorce is difficult to maintain at least a semblance of decent relations.
Ukraine did not you home for 60 years. You come up with yourself a lot of petty grievances and rushed into the arms of our former brother-bully. Tablecloth - the road and peace to you.
Tatars sorry. Our present citizens sorry.


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