Putin has two options: either to stop the war, or to go on lawlessness, but then it's World War III - military expert

West may help Ukraine technology and weapons, but when it happens - is unknown.

It was declared a military expert, retired colonel of special services of Ukraine Mikhail Prytula in exclusive comments Gordonua.com, transmits Tsenzor.NET.

"Obama to talk with Putin signed the sanctions against Russia and Russian individuals, thus creating financial parity in response to the rejection of our property - the Crimean peninsula. This can be called using. A real help from the West - a technology and financial instruments. Such assistance is no and when it will be - unknown "- said the expert.

Colonel does not make forecasts of US military aid in the event of an invasion of Russia on the mainland Ukraine. According to him, we can talk only about the supply of arms and technological assistance.

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"Industrialization of the USSR did the Americans, they also helped us in World War II, and now we can only help Americans", - says Prytula.

The representative of the Ukrainian secret service believes that now Russia has huge losses.

"The entire Russian elite is now cornered - they need to decide what to do with the head of the country. Because now Russia has huge losses. The structure of Russian foreign trade is that about $ 40 billion a month she spends on the purchase of essential goods - spare parts for automobiles, medicines, shoes and clothing. Its industry during Putin's presidency Russia did not create, but transferred to the accounts in the US and Europe about $ 700 billion. With this money in 14 years of total power in Russia, Putin could create in her paradise. But why this paradise is not built, the Russian elite should ask their leaders, "- said the colonel.

According to Prytula, the Russian president is repeating the mistakes of the Moscow leadership, committed in the collapse of the USSR.

"Putin now need war to divert attention from the fact that Russia is in a financial hole. The same mistakes repeated Moscow leadership of one to one committed in the collapse of the Soviet Union ", - said the representative of the special services.

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Crimea can not live without Ukraine, said Prytula, and Russia's announcement that he is a native Russian land - pure propaganda and do not correspond to economic realities.

"In 1954, Ukraine has received the Crimea without electricity, without water, without gas. She received the desert and created a more or less normal living conditions. The Soviet Union was not a fool, when he joined the Crimea to Ukraine. It was the economic feasibility, and not show-off ", - says expert.

Prytula also argues that Putin has two options - either, given the economic situation to stop the war, or to go on lawlessness, but "then it's World War III." Source: censor.net.ua/n274980


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