"Putin has never been honesty" - the Russians caught the Russian president lying about the Russian troops in the Crimea. VIDEO

Russian opposition made a film that clearly and chsno denied all the allegations concerning the actions of Putin's leadership of Russia in the Crimea.

It is reported Tsenzor.NET.

Back in December 2013, Putin said that would not introduce Russian troops in the Crimea. Putin: "We are not indifferent to the situation of our compatriots. But this does not mean that we're going to swing a sword and bring troops. This is complete nonsense, nothing like this could not be. "

At the beginning of March 2014 the Ukrainian authorities have reported that the military units of Ukraine in Crimea is blocked by the Russian military. But Putin has a direct question journalist replied that it was not the Russian military. Putin: "It was the local defense forcesĀ».

There are three kinds of evidence that it was the Russian army blocks Ukrainian military units. March 2 military unit A2320 near Simferopol was surrounded by Russian military unmarked.

March 2 Russian military arrived in Balaklava and attempted to disarm the detachment of the Marine Guard of the State Border Service of Ukraine. March 4, armed men tried to enter the territory of the Ukrainian anti-aircraft missile unit A-4519 in Yalta.

At the request of the magazine New Times photos of Crimea analyzed the military experts

SUV GAZ-2975 "Tiger" worth $ 60 thousand., Delivery of which is exclusively for the Russian army. On the license plate - code for military license plate - 21 - meaning the North Caucasus Military District. On the "Tiger" is seen on the right icon Guards Division.

Sniper rifle. This semi-automatic modification of the Dragunov, the latest modification, officially come into service only Russian forces.

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Night vision device NVD 93.2-Russian production, which is used in the Russian army special forces.

Putin has never been honesty, but this incredible lie, he broke all records.

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