Google Earth future: HD-videocemka orbit near real time

The point here is not about the project Google Earth, the name was indicated in the title, in order to give an idea about the contents of the note. It all about the possibilities of mapping services already near future. For example, what do you say about the video monitoring of the Earth's surface in real time?

Sounds like science fiction, but several startups are working on similar projects. One such project in December last year wrote Habré, and now the company SkyBox, working on this project, showed the results of their new developments.

The company, founded several graduate students at Stanford University, has received fairly substantial funding from foundations (about 100 million US dollars, a few rounds). Enough money to create a specific design of small satellites designed to monitor the Earth's surface.

For example, in November last year was sent the first satellite, which could immediately demonstrate their capabilities. The target group of the project - not only corporations and various government agencies, as private users. According to the creators of the company in the future, the user can choose the place and time of recording, while satellite pay their credit card and get a photo or video.

The moral aspect of all this debate, probably not worth it, and so it is understandable that could result in the possibility of observing all over all :)

Here is the satellite SkySat-1. I>

Here's what is already showing in December:

And here's a new video where Mapbox Streets combined with videos SkySat-1 satellite. This shows the Beijing airport, and better expand the video to full screen.
If the video does not appear, then here a reference to the service page with video .

As mentioned above, now in orbit is only one satellite. It is planned to launch 24 satellites to cover the entire planet. The satellite weighs just 120 kilograms, and its size is 60 * 60 * 90 cm. Detailed shooting - up to 90 centimeters per pixel.

13 satellites will be set up and running within 2 years later to start and the rest of devices.

In general, the future is now.

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