Google bought the company microsatellite Skybox for 500 million

Habré several times to publish news and articles on microsatellite company Skybox. This company, with the help of satellites specially designed not only receives images of the surface of the Earth to within 90 cm per pixel, but also allows you to receive HD-video almost Real-time .

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Management of the company was planning to launch several dozen satellites into orbit to image the Earth's surface at the request of customers. The idea was that the client comes to the company website, choose the terrain, which he wishes to study, pay your credit card request, and receives a high resolution photos or videos.

But as we can see, the company's management plans did not materialize: Skybox bought by Google for $ 500 million (in cash).

Now the fate of a startup is unknown, although the most likely possibility Skybox will be used to extend the functionality and image quality geographic information services "Corporations good." This, of course, talking about Google Maps and related services.

By the way, not so long ago, Google acquired more and companies developing civilian UAV, Titan Aerospace. Drones of the company will be used for another project Google, providing access to a network of remote regions. Ie UAV will serve as the wireless network access point.

Well, let's wait for news from the buyer about the fate of Skybox.

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