"Robots of the 21st century" will be printed on a 3D printer


became known on the first results of the program Intel «21st Century Robot» , headed by a full-time futurologist company Brian Johnson and aimed at creating a social perspective (that is interacting with a man) intelligent platforms. This result was two robots presented to the public executive director Brian Krzanichem Intel in late May. Older brother named Jimmy, is almost ready to perform his job - to be the object of scientific research. As for the younger, his work has not yet been demonstrated, but some of its features are pretty interesting.

As already mentioned, the robot Jimmy, a short presentation which you can see in the video below, is intended for professional use. With it, scientists will study the characteristics of human interaction and intelligent devices through voice, gestures, etc. The robot is based on a computer platform Intel NUC, and she, in turn, is based on the processor Intel Core i5 / i7. Using a standard platform can greatly simplify the programming of the device, and work with him, and her large computing capabilities make it possible to complicate the experiments, the maximum bringing them closer to reality. Software foundation robot is running Linux, all software written for it has an open code. The cost will be $ 16,000 Jimmy.

As for the low-end model that video Krzanich holds, the following is known about her. It will be a robot for home use (that is, communication) based SoC Intel Quark. The main part (except for motors, sensors, and so on., Supplied kit) will be printed by the user on a 3D printer. Due to this, the cost of the device could decrease 10 times - up to $ 1600. About the market prospects of the model, of course, too early to say; some of the experts still doubt that it will reach the market in general. However, in a wide range of recently introduced Intel «futuristic" devices it looks quite organically.

By the way, the robot Jimmy also printed on a 3D printer. Here are a few introductory video about it.

Source: habrahabr.ru/company/intel/blog/225695/


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