Mars One: Ticket to Mars at one end. Five volunteers talk about the reasons for choosing

About «Mars One», to establish a colony of Earthlings on Mars, Habré wrote many times. Published and technical details of the project, and are all sorts of problems, and much more. But there is another problem that prefer not to mention all too often - a man going to Mars, will not return to Earth.

But enrollment filed thousands of participants who have children, wives, business and everything else. Among them is not so much an adventurer who "donned all, I want to break free." In the sequel - a video where five participants in the project told (in English, unfortunately) about their reasons to apply for participation in the project.

All this is packed in a mini-film, which acts as the creator of the Vita Bretis Films and Video West.

It is worth noting that even if the application is granted party, no one will fly before 2025 (and that is an optimistic estimate). Technical preparations for the project yet, we can say, and did not begin with a few exceptions.

Nevertheless, the project is developing and ideological inspirer of the project are optimistic.

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