How much are the travel of Russian officials

An interesting article about how many actually
Russian officials are business trips.

Quite a different picture - in state-owned companies directly related to the Ministry, namely "Rostelecom».
There's never trip leadership stint. In the table below you can see the estimate of one
of trips in 2010 in Vancouver, where there were the Olympic Winter Games. As the purpose of the trip
called "visiting infrastructure of the Winter Olympics in 2010 employees of the Company
and members of the working group on preparation of the Olympic Games "Sochi-2014» ».

The trip was attended by 48 people, and its budget has exceeded 90 million rubles (an almost 2 million rubles per person).
Especially costly accommodation then general director of "Rostelecom" Anton Kolpakov,
whose accommodation is managed in 233 266 rubles per day (more than 2 million rubles for the 9 day trips).
Twice cheaper cost accommodation colleagues Terekhova, Volkov and Kharitonov (1 million rubles per person for 9 days).
But 25 people sent to the Olympics at the expense of "Rostelecom", even non-employees
(to find out this information, the Chamber had to apply to the FSB).
It is noteworthy that a significant part of the budget is the purchase of tickets for sporting events
and the opening and closing games - almost 15 million rubles went to an article that is not directly related to the objectives of the trip.
Another curious arithmetic of the Accounting Chamber: 16 heads of "Rostelecom" for some reason, have ordered 39 mobile phones
international roaming, and ordered vehicles would be enough for the simultaneous transportation of 103 people around the clock.
The record spending seen other rostelekomovtsy. So, four employees of state-owned companies spent ten days in Cuba,
and their average daily expenditure amounted to 150 thousand rubles per person. A representative operator lived
in Paris for 330 thousand rubles a day.
Well, very good. Especially when you compare it with the average travel budget of ordinary Russians.
According to VTsIOM, those of them who chose to travel to Russia or abroad
Last summer, the average spending amounted to 24, 7 thousand rubles per person for the whole trip.
And this despite the fact that 78% of respondents prefer to stay at home or travel a suburban area.
What advice would you give the rest of the Russians on the basis of the comparison?
Go to the officials. And even better - in the tops of state corporations.


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