The house with his own hands - 2 (22 photos)

Remember the story of how to build a house with his hands in Russia. Budget option. But the history of another country. But this house is suitable only for areas with warm climates. Or for a summer house in the garden.

Instructions for building a house for 4 people with private bathroom.

We draw a circle with a diameter of about 4 meters + small semicircle and a half meters in diameter.
We buy polypropylene roll length of 2000 meters.

The earth dug a trench 50 cm wide and 40 cm deep, which keeps the plastic to seal the moisture.

Earth + 5% cement and water is poured into the sleeve. which is laid in a circle, stitching wire. To check all check the rope tied to a peg in the heart.

The bag is placed among the barbed wire, which does not slip polypropylene

Windows and doors can be made of wood or using plstikovyh bottles

The roof is made of wood - voila.

The house is ready.


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