What's in a Moscow apartment renters (12 photos)

As told Esquire, tenants of apartments in Moscow talk about the precious piece of furniture, which are stored in their homes and that in any case it is impossible to make it in the trash.

Broken clocks

Olya: "They hang in plain view - on the wall in the hall. Old, worn on cords and all staying at 9.06. Boss watches the road for the inscription: "Semochkin FF in honor of the 60th anniversary of the collective shop. August 1974 ". Against Semochkina FF I have nothing, but I was the watch constantly confusing - I forget that they do not go. We were trying to remove the clock and hide somewhere, but underneath the wallpaper faded, and on the wall formed a spot. " Lamp flowered

Marat: "We rented an apartment in a new building, but it did not help - in the new apartment owners dragged all my old furniture. Heath situation became pink floor lamp 1960, which has long stood in our kitchen. As everyone who came to us and asked what kind of terror we have is and where we dug, a floor lamp, we hid in the balcony. Sometimes in the evening you can take a floor lamp for a man who is standing on our balcony and looks to the apartment? - An eerie feeling. "

Horn deer

LENA: "These horns stood on the sideboard when I first saw them. The hostess said proudly that the horns belonged once Maral, who shot her husband's grandfather. Horn have become part of my life - because of the half-meter scale and intricate shapes they can not be hidden. Once the right horn could not resist and fell in a couple of centimeters from my head, shattering the porcelain pig. After this horn were sent into exile: the architect has made me familiar bed on high legs, so calculating the area under the bed, climbed back to the trophy processes. Since then, the horns are living under the bed, and they see only selected guests. "

The urn containing the ashes of the landlord

Asya: "When I moved into a rented apartment, then the first day found on the chest interesting kind vase. Vase fits perfectly into the interior, and all of it was good, until at some point I accidentally knocked over her. From vases poured some sand, I wiped with a cloth and put in place a vase. When I mentioned the strange sand in a vase in a conversation with the owners, they are terribly agitated. It turned out, this vase was an urn with the ashes of the former landlord. He died suddenly, returning home from the store, he was cremated hastily passed an apartment, and forgot to pick up the trash. "

Broken fridge and three black bag

Nadya: "Refrigerator not working for twenty years, but because of his excessive greed to throw his mistress does not allow. Inside her heart kept lovely relics - empty cans, broken devices of unknown purpose, and three black bag. The bags I look afraid - too horrible they look. Particularly gloomy mood friends suggest that bags hide dismembered corpse. "

Frozen chicken

Katya: "The corpse is chicken in the freezer since 2004 - it has a precise date, weight and price. The owner originally planned to cook from it supets, so we strongly recommend to not touch the chicken. Gradually, the idea of ​​the soup has faded, but the chicken to throw it all the same it was somehow sorry - chicken is not simple, because "ABC taste". Now we have to stick with it. I think to buy another one, so our chicken was more fun to lie in its permafrost. "

Sewing machine

OLGA: "The machine - the memory of his late grandmother housewife. My grandmother was a professional seamstress. We're not trying to throw the typewriter? - The owner even talk about it perceived as a personal insult. In addition, any mention of a typewriter? provokes the flow of lacrimal memories of her grandmother and her plight, about how good it was before and how bad now, and it all ends always talk about increasing the rent. "

Soviet cleaner

Dasha: "This is the essence of the 1970s. The owners claim that it works perfectly. As we hinted that it would be nice to throw, they just had a stroke. I did not dare to test the mechanism in action - imagine how much dust still inside the Soviet Union. To live with this dust from the Somme - it is like the old grandmother: Keep quiet in a corner doing nothing, but still manages to spoil the mood. "

Two antique iron

HELENA: "Irons went to the landlord from his parents, who, in turn, they were handed over to their parents. For the owner of irons - family heirloom. He remembers playing with them as a child, as described in detail in response to a half-hearted attempt to ask, is it possible to send these iron weights in the trash. The owner lives in the States and with irons do not want to take, prefers to love them at a distance. "

Portraits players of "Spartacus" 1980

Sasha: "For our host these portraits football and hockey," Spartacus "- the shrine. When we drove into the apartment, he immediately said that we can do anything, even the chairs can throw out the window, but in any case should not touch the pictures. They are easy and somehow touch? - They are firmly glued to the walls. Portraits of Spartacus? - A mustachioed face and hairy little pleasant to the sight of men originally from the 1980s. The most touching that awful landlord like them: a mustache and hairy, but not an athlete - a simple workaholic, worked all his life at the factory. When he comes for the rent, then lovingly looks at all the photos, make sure that we did not hurt them, and leaves, of emotion. "

The canvas with a collection of icons

Rostislav: "These icons host gathered much of his life, and is not less than three hundred. They hang in a special recess in the wall, and the first thing you see when you come into the apartment. At first they were kind of confused me, then I decided that since they can not be anywhere to remove, you need to extract icons from favor. So now I'm going to go to work every day wearing a new icon. On a year is enough. I'll start with a favorite - "I voted for Yeltsin."

Black cat eight

ANASTASIA: "The apartment has surrendered together with a cat named Bob. The son of that woman a cat allergy, and herself she could not keep it. The first week of our life together cat hysterically screaming day and night. We do not know why, and he hardly knew about it, but after a week of screaming stopped. But I loved sleeping in the sink than we initially strongly frightened. You go into the bathroom to brush his teeth in the morning - and on you from the sink staring something black and furry, and this is clearly not your own reflection ».

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