Technique "culinary miniature".

What a lovely crafts.

Shay Aaron (Aaron Shay) - talented Israeli artists, which began with the work of my first introduction to polymer clay. Truly, Aaron reached perfection in the technique of "culinary miniature." His "edible" creation extremely realistic, and I want to eat a small piece of "chocolate" cake and drink fresh coffee from tiny cups that easily pomeschaetya on the tip of the index finger. And in this short review article I want to introduce you to this wonderful man.

So Aaron Shea lives and works in Israel. He is now 26 years old, and he works in a center for adults and children with disabilities.

It is said Aaron, he has always been a creative person, a lot of experimenting with different materials. About 7 years ago, he discovered polymer clay and fell in love with this fantastic material.

Before Aaron started making miniature food, he rewrote hundreds of beads in the art millifiori, but many craftsmen doing it, so it's time, when he stopped. To create culinary miniatures inspired his older sisters, who taught him the art of understanding what women want. Now Aaron creates miniature dollhouses and food out of polymer clay.


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