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Once, in the old days, I promised to show how looks a bathtub and toilet in the usual average Japanese apartment. Less than six months (not really gone), as I have reached all the same hands to do it. And a bonus, I decided to show some more convenient pieces, which are the default in many apartments.

I live in a house that was built in 2008. But this device is typical of many homes under the age of 20 years (and I have changed during the stay in Japan, five apartments and occasionally came to visit). Separately, it should be noted that my apartment is made entirely in the European style - I have no mat or sliding walls / cabinets.

This is probably due to the fact that I have a small apartment. Appartment make at least one bedroom in the Japanese style. And I love them very much. The smell of new mat with nothing compares!

So, what I have at home:

2. The size of the bathroom could be seen in the first photo. Bath is small, but the usual Japanese standards. I'm fairly compact, but the legs to pull it too can not. The truth is I do not like to take a bath. Therefore, it still is not the case. Suitable only for breeding mold

In two other apartments I had almost full-size European bath. So what options are there.

On the door latch can be seen, with which you can lock the door from the inside, so no one could intrude into the room during bathing.

In the wall-roof shelves, but some women have enough of these two small shelves? Therefore, everything that does not fit there, I put on the edge of the tub and onto the floor.

3. Wall attached mirror. I wash standing, so often consider it their knees. In general, the height Alignment Operation considering the fact that the Japanese often wash, sitting on special chairs bath.

It also shows that there is a special attachment at the bottom of the shower, for those who washes sitting.

4. Standard mixer. The controller on the right allows you to switch off the water supply to the tap or hose. Left - the temperature controller.

At the regulator all the water temperature to 40 degrees in the blue, a hot - red. Some mixers may be indicated degrees. Next to the lever there is a button that must be pressed, if you want to increase the temperature at the exit and get hot water over 40 degrees. This is probably done in order to avoid accidental burns.

These mixers are spoiled in the extreme. I am very annoyed if it appears somewhere where there are separate faucets for hot and cold water, and we need to try to obtain the desired temperature by adjusting the pressure. What if I forgot how to do it, whether it is really difficult if the water is heated with gas, but someone's mother clearly ikaetsya when I do it

5. The water in the house can be controlled by two computers. Origin often installed in the kitchen. The display shows temperature. It can be set independently, and it is the maximum temperature at which the water will be heated in the apartment.

You can also specify two separate temperature. For example, for 43 degree bath and shower and a kitchen - 40. Laptop itself will adjust heating, depending on where the water is supplied. Because I do not take a bath, I had to only one temperature. In winter well-washed at 41 degrees in the summer and at 38 is hot

Here you can set the timer to set the tub. When the bath is typed, sweet female voice is required to report it.

Do not be surprised if this device can do something else. But to me it does not seem necessary to

6. This machine is installed in the bathroom. Both, by the way, there is a button that burns bright pink. The lamp is lit, indicating that the system is working. By pressing this button, you can turn off the display. These are those who, for example, saves washing dishes in cold water.

Typically, the water from the bath can be used for washing, but I confess that this function never used.

Some baths pridusmotren water heating. You can otkisat hour, and the water has cooled down. This is very convenient when several family members to wash each other.

To avoid questions I must say that the bath dirty no one climbs. Each first clean the shower on a chair, and then sat down to warm the bones. Therefore, cases that after someone dirt floating in the water, are excluded.

There are still "cover" for the bathroom, which can be covered by a hot water bath to keep it cool.

7. In the dressing room there is a switch hoods, which can operate in two modes. In winter, the truth can not cope neither if summer bath can be a very long time not to wash in the winter dampness of a week or two doing their dirty work, and in some places there is mold. The first year in Japan, I could not understand what that pink crap. But as in any case we are constantly washing bath, we did not care.

8. Toilet. Cover with heated now there are almost all relatively new homes. As well as air conditioning. The old houses have to buy her.

Very convenient that the toilet made a small wash basin. There you can wash your hands of the water, which is then in any case fall into the tank.

From the category of savings is also a regulator of the amount of water washable. There is no need to pour out every time a tank.

9. What is on the handle with buttons? Red on / off button. "Wash your hands before and back" - this is just about the Japanese toilets. You can select what to wash - before or behind. There is pressure regulator. It is also possible to adjust the temperature of the water and the seat.

In winter, the toilet - is the warmest part of the Japanese home. You can come and sit and meditate. In summer, the temperature logically turn down to a minimum, put on a winter maximum. In the photo, by the way, you can see the sensor. If it does not close the cover and press down, washing will not earn. I tried not to fool computer and realizes that no one is sitting. And if you close the sensor, for example, the foot that presses to the same cover, it is still possible to arrange a fountain

Incidentally, this is not the only model of this miracle of technology, so in terms of functionality are possible options.

10. Inscriptions larger for those who read Japanese, and who is very interesting

11. By the way, look like tubes that are put forward, if you order a partial bathing. Water will flow at different distances and angles, so, apparently, really makes sense to do 2 separate zones.

12. Also in the closet, hanging guard with assault rifles. The whole apartment is divided into zones. There is also a separate switches for the washing machine and air conditioning.

13. Connector for the washing machine. In Russia, to connect the machine it seemed to me something tedious. Those cars, though the hot water wash. Maybe so. In Japan, it's simple.

14. Intercom. I use only two buttons: "Conversation" and "Open the door." It is enough to let in the guest house and various service delivery.

Intercom combines the functions of the security system. When you try it poizuchat, we accidentally clicked on kponku that sends a message to the console domouprava that the apartment is made unauthorized entry. It was a Saturday morning. Until Monday morning domouprava it was not, and had no one to turn off the call. 2 days during any attempts to open the door for the whole floor was heard the siren, and all tenants in the building reported that someone is trying to get into one of the apartments. PIN code to disable found, but not immediately.

On Monday came the uncle of protection and said they did not need to press anything, except the buttons "Conversation" and "Open the door." After this research instinct I lost completely

15. The ventilation in the room. It must be open, if included in the bathroom extractor fan. Will draft. If you do not open, then the drawing will be included whistle.

Mold in the bathroom still start up because the summer can safely create drafts though all day and apartment dries quickly. In winter, 3 more times think before pootkryvali every hole at least half an hour.

Immediately mount a remote control for the air conditioner. We have this very lacking in Russia for the TV remote. What we had peredavit their homes in a few years ...

16. In the lower right corner you can see a small translucent Thing. They are pasted all over the apartment, where some doors and doors can potentially scratch the wallpaper on the walls. Very comfortably!

17. Further compilation of all sensors. I can not imagine why they need right 3 and what they do. One catches a gas leak, the other probably smoke. What makes the third?

18. UPD: suggest that this temperature sensor. 65 - it is actually permissible temperature.

19. All shown here - this is the most characteristic in the apartment, but not all. There are still a lot of pleasant things that really make life easier. It may not be held for six months, and as I'm going to still something to show particularly pleasing fact that all of these features with respect to any new Japanese apartment. And when you enter into a new house, you do not see the bare concrete walls and neutral wallpaper, air conditioning and a lot of small details that are made specifically to make life easier.



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