Small apartment in Japan (23 photos)

I suggest you look into some apartments live Japanese.
And do not say that you have a small apartment, and forever is not enough space.

Size of housing in Japan is measured in tatami. Tatami have a strictly defined area and shape. In Japan, the rooms are traditionally an area measured in tatami (jo) that is taken into account when building a house. The area of ​​the mat - 90 × 180 cm (1, 62 sqm). The mat has a height of 5 cm. Sometimes there are traditional tatami Square - 90 × 90 cm. Tatami made in Tokyo and eastern Japan have almost normal - 85 × 180 cm. I will try to calculate the size of small rooms at your leisure. who can quickly count. poyasnyayu- not my visualization. it is Japanese. The smallest apartments have a size of 3-4 tatami, is about six squares. Usually in such homes do not even have a soul, but the price is very democratic, for poor students at the time. Working Japanese can afford to rent a bigger apartment: standard per person is 6 tatami (10 sq. Meters), there already exists a bathroom, although bath sedentary, but this is a Japanese tradition remains from ancient times. Kitchen also obchno aligned with the entrance hall - the threshold and immediately to the table. But the price for such an apartment would be low, only about 300-400 dollars a month,

and that after such flats habitable Japanese


and that the toilet bowl-SINK! solely for the purpose of space saving mega time and water. He sat, washed-washed

who was distracted and did not notice on the remote - shell on a tank top, in the same mixer)))

Here proletarian version of the same invention:

about remote in the toilet especially not flatter yourself. YES! it measures the temperature until all the sugar in the blood. But that's not the point. The main thing is that rakoviya here on a tank, and it is warmed up by pressing a button on the remote control. Ie you just decided that it's time, just press the button and go to the toilet. And he's already tepid. And why? yes because in Japan very well, no central heating. Gray as you want. And not to accidentally freeze the most important of these toilets have been forced to come up with.

Now again we go to neighboring positions to plan our studio apartments and Khrushchev. here's our sofa (evroknizhka) only entered:

here's what went bathtub sedentary, in our understanding, is not Japanese. ie the legs can be pulled. kitchen furniture - standard chetyrehkomforochnaya stove (where they so much?) and a table with a sink of 80 cm. Couch had to put "custom" pltora meters long, are in the children's department has. Next couple stools for eating and laptop. So in Russia telly looks))) noprotiv sofa telly and cabinets! entered enough! I do not understand why all the walls ... or to hang the pictures, and a 6-meter flats are also represented? desk was not included. but he did not need a whole But the toilet and can be reduced. On the boat there is, the plastic cockpit with sink toilet and shower between them ... a lot more compact. ... But again the Japanese bath oochchen need! they're heated.

Just do not understand why they do not allow the lavatory seat facing the sink is mounted in the cistern - there is some time-saving, and in parallel to wash gadish.



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