Seven times Think

A kind of caring lady found her husband in the kitchen, convulsing with the included electric hands. My wife decided to save the man - grabbed a mop beginning to tear it from the "faulty" appliance. The result was two broken hands husband and spoiled the pleasure of listening to your favorite music on its Walkman'e.

A certain student from New York, was about to become a psychologist. She decided to check put your own experiment to study the human response to the comments and attacks his work. Hired by her carpenter withstood 4 hours and then rushed to the experimenter with an ax and maimed for life.

Activists regularly organize actions to fight for the rights of meat animals. That's what two fighters have engaged in pig pen, ready to be sent to the slaughterhouse. But in the paddock it revealed a hole into which rushed to 2000 animals. Quite by accident on the way the herd appeared activists who were killed and at his post.

After another oil spill in Alaska was conducted demonstration program to rescue the surviving animals from environmental disaster. On average, each victim's treatment cost the program $ 80,000. Release couple rescued seals was furnished with great fanfare, invited a lot of people. That seals dive into the water of the bay, and then eats them unreported whale in front of the affected public ...

Iraq suicide Rahayet Kai tried to send a parcel bomb. But the money was not enough, because it marks pasted enough. Postal Service message back to the sender. But by the time of arrival of parcels Kai forgotten that in the box and opened it. It does not become a terrorist and his house.

James Elliott robbed a bank in Long Beach, California. The robber used a .38 revolver, which suddenly snapped. Then James performed terribly sensible thing - turned muzzle to her, looked back and pulled the trigger. Misfire at this time was not.

Alexander Robinson underwent surgery to restore vision. The first person he saw after that was Mrs. Robinson. Working from Alabama did not fail to notice its half that in recent years it has increased significantly in volumes.

In Switzerland, in a restaurant chef put his finger in a meat grinder and lost it. Cook turned to his insurance company, which sent experts to check. The expert has done the same operation with the same effect. The chef got insurance.

In Romania Moinesti buried Anna Bochinski. Suddenly the lady jumped up, jumped out of the coffin directly on the way to the cemetery. Anna ran towards the nearest road, while kin was in confusion, and hit by a car. Downed death Bochinski identified in the coffin, and the ceremony continued.

American tourist standing on the banks of the Amazon and admired nature. On it flew wild bees. The only way to rescue the tourist thought the river, where, and bailed. And there it promptly ate piranhas.

A resident of Chicago blizzard spent an hour to clear space for cars. Away for your car, and on his return he found the place pretty busy lady. The man decided to issue only - shot's annexation.

In the US, there are plenty of beauty contests, which used a whole set of criteria. Particularly interesting are the rules for issuing assessment taste in clothes at the contest "Miss Nude USA».

In Zimbabwe, the bus driver stopped to relax a bit in the illegal bar for a small cup. At this time his bus passengers - 20 patients from a psychiatric hospital, transported in Bulawayo from Harare - fled. The driver was not taken aback. He scored on the next stop of passengers in the right quantity and promises of free travel. And in a mental hospital, warned that patients - big dreamers. Doctors took 3 days to clarify the situation.

One popular magician at Marv was a trick in which he was shot an assistant, and then spit Marv "catch" the bullet. During one of the performances in the hall turned gold miner Marco Asprella who is so imbued with Conjurer's talent that he immediately offered to catch his shot too. And shot in the head with a pistol magician. Then, during the trial, Marco could not understand why the focus was not successful. His, by the way, was acquitted.

Now, in the prisons of Texas death row have no right to the last cigarette. It's very bad for your health ...

The police came to the hospital to interview a teenager with a serious head injury. The guy said he did research - how close you can move up to the head of a moving train before the collision. The experiment was a success from the Americans.

In Munich there was a train wreck. The hospital brought two men with torn hands. Of course also possible to find, and doctors spore came hand in place. The most interesting was that the hand they have mixed in the process. But as the blood group of patients matched - the operation was successful and that the limb perfectly taken root at the new owners. The men decided to come to terms with his new hands.

Rod Lauren said to friends that she had an ultrasound sight, and it can pass through the center of Ottawa blindfolded. this claim was the subject of dispute. In principle, Laura drove, though at the same pedestrian pace and moved slightly crashed into three cars. One policeman appeared unexpectedly transport ...

The mother brought her daughter to the doctor, which for some unknown reason, some recently rounded belly. The doctor immediately diagnosed and told mummy that soon she will be grandmother. Madame angry and start yelling at the doctor, saying that this can not be and her sweet daughter never with anyone ...

All the while, the doctor looked in the window with the tranquility of the Sphinx. The woman finally noticed abstraction audience and attacked the doctor with questions why he ignores it. The doctor said that based on the words of the woman, it was the second such case in the last couple of thousand years of waiting, by analogy with the first time the phenomenon of the Magi ...

In the city of Engels Bogdan Borodin, five years his elder brother pulled from the transformer voltage 5000 volts. Himself kid while it does not hurt, and doctors told the family that the child suddenly under the influence of high voltage changed the sensitivity of receptors. After that, the family has become a favorite pastime offer Bogdan hold of the exposed wire. This ability is demonstrated for all guests, while doctors have promised that in time sensitivity can be restored. That is the purpose of the rehabilitation of the family went to the sea. There's the kid ran to the parapet, reached for his fallen toy and fell from the four-meter height in the sea. Body Bogdan got out of the water just after half an hour.


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