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Beer "Armageddon" - is the strongest beer in the world.
With its 65 percent alcohol, it is much stronger than whiskey or brandy, and 16 times more powerful than standard lager.

Who would like to try?

And like some other well-known trends (for example, bar Mars), is a gift to all the people of the world from the good people of Scotland.

Although the "gift" is probably not the right word, if you buy this murderous swipes at the store, then you lay out for it about $ 100.

Vincent Graff, a correspondent for the publication Dailymail, decided to meet with the producer of "Armageddon" and taste the drink. What follows is the story of Vincent.

"Here, try, - says the young entrepreneur, brewer Lewis Shand. - I think you will be surprised ┬╗.

Okay, but I'm looking forward to it not looking. I'm a little sissy when it comes to strong drink. Although I love beer and wine, but stay away from stronger beverages that repel me with his fiery nature.

To think on the fly - if whiskey has only 40 percent alcohol, and the beer - all of 65, what's left of my throat after the first sip?

I'm doing great, brave sip.

To my surprise, everything went pretty smoothly. There is not even a hint of the rigidity that gives vodka or tequila. Yes, "Armageddon" is quite bitter - I prefer a lighter beer, but even in this sense, not rolls. Not only that - there are quite a pleasant sweet notes in the center and on the back of my tongue.
I'd love to do a second sip. Just out of curiosity, you understand. And the third and the fourth ... Somehow by itself it turned out that my hand is empty stakan.Podozhdite few seconds. I think it is better to stay until they twisted the horizon.

So, I ask Shanda why he decided to brew beer so powerful? How could be the fact that Scots consume 20 percent more alcohol (22, 8 units per week) than in English and Welsh regions?

The idea was simple, he says. His young company Brewmeister successfully created a common beers - delicious 4-percent light beer, for example - but wanted to try something more adventurous.

Shand is not the first brewer who aspire to cook the strongest beer in the world. In fact, this market is literally a battle going on for several years.

Brewer says: "We do not just want to create a new record, but to do something for the people┬╗
Although the business Brewmeister is tiny - at Shanda is the main work in the bank, but it has already received orders from Australia, Sweden, America, and, of course, Londona.Sleduyuschaya party "Armageddon", which will be ready in a few days, is already sold.

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