We have a chance

Today in the underpass near Demievsogo market fell elderly woman. Tripped on the stairs and fell. Heavily, clumsily. Strongly hit her head and for a while passed out. If you do not knock, then deep knockdown - exactly.
We raised it three. Tried gently. While lifted, the sellers of the shops in the transition brought a chair, wet wipes, water. Seated, wiping her face. Approached the boy. Medical student. Asked a few questions. Looked into his eyes. It's okay. Abrasions, hit her head and shoulder, but nothing serious.
We often - when in the case, and when and in vain - talking about the callousness, lack of spirituality and other unsavory traits of our society. Perhaps, in some way it is. But today I saw another. Even those who just walked past (and people were not very many), slows down or even stopped. Suddenly they than can? And I think, if it were needed, that would make a contribution.
Just seems to be necessary to the person next was just too bad that we pay attention to it. This is not only with regards to this case.
But we are there, deep down, all the same. And help, and help out. And when also include attention - that we do not have prices.


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